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[TOP STORY] New guidelines for influencer marketing

‘When you're associating with an individual person, brands and companies need to consider the fact that these individual people have various different changing personalities, and their public interest may improve or decline over time, and it's important to be able to mitigate those risks,’ says Danilo Acquisto, senior digital influencer…
21 Feb 7AM 4 min

Why the NSPCA is against live exports by sea

A summary of news updates delving into the persistent rise in SA's unemployment rate. We examine recent guidelines in the influencer marketing sector and why the government should prioritise children in social spending.
21 Feb 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] Land claim stats don’t reflect reality on the ground

‘It begs the question as to whether or not the statistics of around 94% of them being concluded, does it include those that are not being traced, that are not traceable, that disappear off the system,’ says Bulelwa Mabasa, head of land reform at Werksmans.
20 Feb 9AM 7 min

Government urged to tap into private sector expertise to address issues.

A round-up of news updates, including a look at whether the Hawks are making inroads in investigating commercial crimes. A look at whether SA’s land restitution programme is starting to bear fruit and calls for a wealth tax to solve some of the country’s social challenges.
20 Feb 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] How to attract and retain more women in the workforce

‘One of the findings is ways that companies can help women work through those career pauses, by retaining them through flexible practices, which definitely came out of the report as something that businesses can look at as an opportunity to attract and retain talent,’ says Phillipa Geard, founder of RecruitMyMom.
16 Feb 8AM 7 min

Glaring gaps in SA’s new tertiary education funding model

A round-up of news updates including a look at what needs to be done to improve funding for higher education. A look at why so many skilled women are left out of the workforce, and a new virtual game about rooibos takes the world by storm
16 Feb 5AM 30 min

[TOP STORY] New SOE bill hardly the silver bullet it appears to be

‘We are just questioning whether transferring these named entities into a new Holdco, whether that actually achieves the stated aims, and we think this legislation needs some further amendment in order to go towards that goal,’ says Olga Constantatos, head of credit at Futuregrowth.
15 Feb 9AM 7 min

SANDF deploying far more soldiers than it can afford

A round-up of news updates, including a look at whether the SOE bill will achieve its objectives. A look at how to close the SME funding gap and whether a lack of leadership is to blame for Tshwane’s service delivery failures.
15 Feb 5AM 33 min

SA unhappy with Israel’s 'impunity' over ICJ ruling

A round-up of news updates, including a look at how those living in Cape Town can sell excess power to the city. Why South Africa is considering heading back to the ICJ and a look at how to avoid romance scams ahead of Valentine’s Day.
13 Feb 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] Don’t cancel your medical aid, NHI a way off yet

‘There is a host of different elements that the government will have to address and basically ensure that they're put in place before any change can take place to the private healthcare that a number of South Africans have at the moment,’ says Gary Feldman, executive head of Healthcare Consulting…
12 Feb 7AM 5 min

[TOP STORY] Will chicken be cheaper with import tariffs lifted?

‘There are certain other factors that would inform whether or not the lower prices that would be found at the ports for containers bringing in poultry products would translate into lower prices for consumers when they get to the shelves,’ says Ayabonga Cawe, chief commissioner at the International Trade Administration…
9 Feb 10AM 7 min
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