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Market Wrap - Stock Pick — cash and SA banks

I think in the short-term cash is still quite good but the banks are starting to look like a good level to start looking to start buying. They are starting to come back close to single-digit PE (price to earnings ratio) with a good dividend, good balance sheets and well-managed businesses, so the banks are a sector of a South African economy I'll be looking at and then offshore you know we still invest quite quite heavily offshore every see that rand come back to about R14 to a US$ and it gets to that point we'd look to take money offshore.

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Coreshares

Caroline Cremen from Adviceworx chose Coreshares Global Dividend Fund as her stock pick of the day.

"Use the opportunity and where the rand is at the moment to pick up one of the local exchange-traded funds of you can't go offshore directly. My favorite is the Coreshares Global Dividend Fund. Pick up more offshore"

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Nasdaq

Robert Cameroon from Thebe Stockbroking chose Nasdaq 100 PRTF (STXNDQ) as his stock pick of the day. "My stock pick is this the Nasdaq ETF, the Satrix one and it's denominated in rands on the JSE. It's a very nice rand hedge. The rand has strengthened quite a lot so we are hedging against negativity, a possibility of a downgrade to sub investment grade. Then with the G20 meeting next week and if there is a trade resolution or something of that sort it means that your tech shares which Nasdaq is heavy on should react quite positively to that and coupled with a rand hedge exposure I like that for now."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Sasol

Nesan Nair from Sasfin Securities chose Sasol as his stock pick of the day . "I'm going to go for Sasol, I think it's going to be a challenging 8 to 12 months and maybe with a bit of volatility but I think long terms these are very good levels to enter Sasol with."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Sasol

Martin Smith from Anchor Securities chose Sasol as his stock pick of the day.

"For a buy I choose Sasol, at these level and with the news coming from the Lake Charles project a couple of weeks ago the share price came under huge pressure and is looking extremely cheap at the moment and I think on fundamentals I'm happy to get it at these levels."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Pfizer

Steven Schultz from Momentum chose Pfizer as his stock pick of the day.

"Pfizer pharmaciuticals is a US listed off-shore company. I think it is a great environment to take a very defensive growth counter such as Pfizer. It is in the headlines at the moment for its acquisition of Aray biopharm which is effectively an oncology portfolio which bolts on quite nicely to Pfizer. Not a cheap counter by any measure at the moment but it does boast a pretty impressive dividend yield of 3.3% in US dollar terms."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Mr. Price

Nolwandle Mthombeni from Mergence Investment Managers chose Mr Price Group Ltd as her stock pick of the day.

"In this kind of environment there's lots of volatility and we've seen a lot of JSE companies suffering due to debt so my pick would be Mr. Price. Cash is king and in this kind of environments you don't want to be stuck with a company where there's lots of gearing. 84% of Mr. Price's sales are from cash so the balance sheets are strong bearing in mind we had the GDP prints just a few weeks ago suggesting that there might be a potential contraction. Mr. Price might be expensive and has moved a lot in the last couple of days but it's a strong company and their cash generation is high."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Oil

Viv Govender from Rand Swiss Offshore chose Oil as his stock pick of the day."Right now my pick is the oil price, at around $60/$61 a barrel is very good to get into. I do think it may go lower with another $10 and with the Shell guys breaking beyond even they will also be losing money there. Shell is one of the reasons that we have seen the oil prices come down. I do think there is a lot of upside possibility as a number of producers out there are really vulnerable. "

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Libstar

Imtiaz Suliman from Sentio Capital chose Libstar Holdings as his stock pick of the day.

"I'm going for Libstar, the company is a food manufacturer based in South Africa with a number of brands including Lancewood and they also do private manufacturing for the retailers which is the private label products. It's a very innovative company which has been rolling out new products and that has been driving growth in this business. They are challenging establish businesses like Tiger Brands, Rhodes and Pioneer foods to some extent. We think that this is a structural growth opportunity that will continue to grow in South Africa."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — United Technologies

Craig Pheiffer from Absa Stockbrokers and Portfolio Management chose United Technologies as his stock pick of the day. "I have previously looked at United Technologies, it's a company that operates in the aerospace technology industry and they produce the Pratt & Whitney jet engines and just over the course of the last week they announced a merger with Raytheon who is also in the aerospace industry. This merger is bringing in two substantial companies which will create a new global aerospace giant and technology company."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — Investec

Nick Kunze from Sanlam Private Wealth chose Investec as his stock pick of the day. "So we have been looking at the banks, they have been bouncing back quite nicely and in that sector we quite like Investec at the moment. There will be a big value unlock when the asset management business does get that secondary listing."

Market Wrap - Stock Pick — MTN

Sam Mokorosi from Vunani Capital chose MTN as his stock pick of the day. "One company that seems to be pulling itself out of a mess is MTN, all the issues around Nigeria being a damper on their performance, but, they have come out with a fairly sensible disposal strategy and they have started to act on that. They are also shareholders of Jumia which is listed on the NY stock exchange. It is a strong West-African e-commerce platform and although they are looking to come out of that, they have done well in that investment."

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