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The Curve Corner brings you the conversations we think about, but are afraid to have. We are unConventional, unRestricted and unAdulterated... throwing out political correctness and calling a spade a spade.

Andile Kunene - HalfMan HalfAmazing - is an entrepreneur, speaker and an all-round creative who believes in speaking life into almost any idea because that may be the one that changes the world for the better.

Noluthando Nkosi is a Self-Love activist, lover of all things amazing and founder of Curve Loving. Cute but will bite and dangerously intelligent.
Weekly English South Africa Society & Culture
13 Episodes

The Rise of Digital

We now live in a world where automation is ubiquitous and the digital era is in full effect. Is your job safe? Is your relationship safe? Is anyone safe in this rapidly evolving world?
14 Mar 2018 46 min

Dreamchaser Part 3: Qiniso Ntuli

Sometimes while chasing our dreams, we tend to forget about taking care of our finances in a professional manner. We speak to Qiniso Ntuli, asset manager and financial advisor, about how one should conduct their finances while chasing their dream.
28 Feb 2018 51 min

Dreamchaser Part 2: Palesa Khoza

We talk to the dreamchaser Palesa Khoza about her journey to getting her commercial pilot's license. Pushing through all the barriers and going for her purpose. Join the conversation and get inspired!
21 Feb 2018 53 min

Dreamchaser: Ayanda Jiya

When you have a purpose that you have to fulfill and a burning desire to achieve greatness by any means necessary, you are in the 'Dreamchaser' realm. We speak to Ayanda Jiya about her journey... the trials and tribulations, the fame, the work and the music.
14 Feb 2018 52 min

The Breakdown of Relationships

What are the real reasons relationships don’t work out? We get into the heated, emotional, as well as ego driven aspects that have caused most break-ups.
7 Feb 2018 53 min

Closet Curve Lovers

Are you hiding your 'big' girl or guy based on societal norms? Do you even know that you like something different to what you have been subscribed? Let’s talk!
31 Jan 2018 50 min

Fantasies, Fetishes & Perversions

In a world filled with so much choice, sexual options have become ubiquitous. We chat about sexuality, fantasies and fetishes... and some of the weirdest habits come out!
24 Jan 2018 51 min

Formal VS Informal Education

Do we really need to go to school? After a certain age and if we have figured out the basics of reading and using a calculator and the internet, do we still need Uni? We chat about education with the 'Stage God' - aka 'Zulu Bass King' - Breeze_SA.
17 Jan 2018 56 min

Relationships are Stupid

Is love a real thing? Why is marriage still an option for people? How do you have a real and successful relationship? These are the questions we cover and explore.
10 Jan 2018 49 min

Death of the Traditional Celeb

We speak to an up-and-coming twitter star who is more famous than most celebrities in South Africa. Getting into the ins and outs of influence on twitter…
3 Jan 2018 52 min

Continental Content Competition

Is the quality of content that is produced in South Africa of the same standard as our international counterparts? Can we really compete in this digital age which has effectively put an end to working within our borders? Join us as we delve into this hot topic.
20 Dec 2017 40 min


More than a month, it's a culture of food, booze and spending ridiculous sums of money on useless things. Time to turn up and get lit! #FACTS
13 Dec 2017 47 min

Thou Shalt Send #Nudes!

This is seemingly the first commandment of dating in a world interwoven with social media and the internet. Join Andile and Noluthando as they unpack relationships and finding a date in the 21st century.
6 Dec 2017 45 min