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CareerPod is a weekly podcast hosted by Pardingtone and Cassie from Careers Zimbabwe. The aim of the podcast is to to develop and share critical career information for parents, students, teachers, employers and all stakeholders in education and career enhancements. Meet amazing career development specialists, writers, job creators and professionals on this show!

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Online Entrepreneurship

Hosted by Sue ft Taylor Chiyangwa

Often times when you read content from online entrepreneurs, you'll hear about their success stories and how they are living the good life. But, what you don't hear about is what they actually do on a daily basis, how difficult it is to succeed and how much struggle there was along the way. In this episode, I talk to Taylor Chiyangwa about online entrepreneurship

Child marriages and sexual harassment - Hosted by Sue ft Natasha Ruya

Hosted by Sue ft Natasha Ruya

Child marriages and sexual harassment.

We talk about child marriages and what Shamwari yeMwanasikana is doing to educate young girls on issues to do with child marriages and sexual harassment. How does one differentiate between love advances and sexual harassment? Is there a support system to help girls to talk about these issues. Is the law doing anything to protect young girls.

Career Fairs and the Great thing about them ft Alderman Moses Mbimbi

Career Fairs may seem like an outdated way to access career information when compared to the popularity of social media. However, they are an opportunity to meet professionals in different industries so as to focus on a specific industry sector. While the internet does provide a lot of career information, they cannot be a substitute for the personal experience that you will encounter when you attend a Career Fair. In this episode, Alderman Mbimbi from Friends of Education Africa join The CareerPod to talk about the impact of Career fairs and the benefits that come with it.


Learning outside the country used to be a privilege for the affluent but now with the help of organizations such a Starline and many others one can enjoy learning outside the country through scholarships. Christian talks about the services they offer apart from scholarships and how through Hawilah Education Africa they want to change the way education is viewed in Africa.

The Career Tombstone Explained ft Ronald Bangiza

We all want that perfect job, career to last forever because we worked so hard to get it,however there are some things that we do knowingly or unknowingly that lead to us getting fired. Ronald Bangiza a freelance Human Resources consultant talks about some of those things we do that lead to our career tombstone, end of our careers as we get fired and he also talks about how we need to behave in the work environment to avoid getting fired

THE POWER OF INFORMATION ft Adio Addietee Dinika

today we are joined by Adio Addietee Dinika( very much Zimbabwean as he says) from Zimlibrary and we talk about importance of libraries and why people should continue trusting libraries rather than the dubious fake unverified information they find on the internet. we also discuss how knowledge is power and by reading books you get to think outside the box. and the information you read will one day help in your career decision making

What you need to know before you write and submit your CV ft Phiona Martin

A CV is your best marketing tool. It stands there as a banner showcasing your skills and competencies. No matter what stage you’re at in your career or what type of work you’re looking for, understanding how to tailor your skills and experience to a specific role is the key to creating a perfect CV. In this CareerPod we have a Career Strategist and CV expert Phiona Martin to help you and me.

Intellectual Property Rights for Entrepreneurs

Intellectual Property (IP) systems are critical in helping new ventures transform their innovation potential and creativity into market value and competitiveness. Intellectual Property rights (IPR) allow innovative entrepreneurs to protect their inventions. They may also have multiple other functions, such as signaling current and prospective value to investors, competitors and partners, accessing knowledge markets and networks, and preventing rivals from patenting related inventions. Evidence at the firm level indicates a positive correlation between patenting and new ventures’ growth, access to venture capital and survival. Ideas need to be protected: know the IP Policy at your tertiary institution or even the workplace. Our guest lawyer Rutendo Machiridza Mugadza gives insight on Intellectual Property Rights.

My Career After Student Activism

Youth participation in national discourse is crucial. Student activism becomes the key to unlock intellectual engagements for development. Student activists already face an array of anomalies: name-calling by other students; victimization by authorities; arrest and detention among others. As if it’s not enough, these anomalies are a red flag to any employer. Careers Zimbabwe through this podcast: ‘My Career After Student Activism’, pushes the ideation of supporting intellectual and peaceful participation in national discourse. Students thus need to engage and know what employers expect of them as well as active students to let employers know that they can perform even when they are activists. To best talk about this area we have Cde Makomborero Haruziviishe and Charline Vuta.
My career after student activism

Career Development Fighting Child Marriages ft Chakanetsa Ruzvidzo

Synopsis: Our understanding is that after every child has received and receiving information about Sexual Reproductive Health and the parents on why they should desist from marrying off their kids - they also need a sense of purpose. A sense of purpose on what they should look upto. We are convinced the answer is a CAREER PATH.

Strategic Outcomes:

1. Raise awareness to the fight against child marriages.
2. Encourage parents to support children especially girls in career development.
3. Inform CSO's working towards gilr empowerment to look into and even include career development in their work against child marriages.
4. Start discussions on: Career Parenting, Child Marriages, Importance of Career Choices, National Development, Girl Child Empowerment among others.

Guest: Chakanetsa Ruzvidzo - Programs Manager at Shamwari YeMwanasikana

If You Can't Find A Partner/Spouse That Supports Your Career: Stay Single

Professionally ambitious women really only have two options when it comes to their personal partners — a super-supportive partner or no partner at all. Anything in between ends up being a morale- and career-sapping morass. Professionally ambitious man seem to just have it all with the Bible and society on their side. The call for a new thinking and way of marriage engagement with careers in mind is arguably feeding the increase in divorce cases. Overally it's an issue of VISION - for a relationship to succeed you need to both understand the VISION. In the studio we have Connie Nawaigo and George Chirenda.Disclaimer: Views expressed by the guests are personal and are not in an way the views of their respective employers.
If You Can't Find A Partner/Spouse That Supports Your Career: Stay Single

Do Your Masters or Get A Job: This Will Help You Decide

One of the most common questions that students ask as they draw near to graduation is if they should pursue a postgraduate degree or enter the job market? There isn’t one correct answer to this question, certain considerations need to be taken into account before arriving at a decision. The value of a master’s degree depends on what you do with it. Whatever your aims, keep in mind that postgraduate study requires you to invest your time and money, it will not automatically be relevant to all of your possible future career goals.
Do your masters or get a job: this will help you decide

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