Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp Baby Brunch | The Parenting Series

Baby Brunch | The Parenting Series

It takes a village to raise a child and connecting with fellow moms and dads leads to sharing of knowledge. That’s where Parent + #BabyBrunch comes in. Hosted by Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, the Baby Brunch | The Parenting Series podcast features fun and insightful conversations with ordinary parents doing extraordinary things. These can serve as a source of support, inspiration and advice for parents, moms and moms-to-be as we delve into the unique experiences of diverse parents.
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Ask a Gastroenterologist: Is my child’s gut healthy?

Let’s be honest, every parent worries about their child’s poo. So we’re bringing in an expert to clear all your doubts and get you on the right track! Meet gastroenterologist and mom, Dr Lesley Hendricks, a specialist in all aspects of the digestive system. Dr Hendricks is currently a member…
22 Mar 42 min

Why the Interior Design of your Child’s Bedroom Matters

When your child opens their eyes every morning and goes to bed every night, have you considered what they are seeing around them? How does their environment affect their little minds and hearts? We sat down with the incredible Carin from Carné Interior Design to unpack the importance of styling…
6 Mar 15 min

January Isn't Your Only Chance to Start Afresh!

You are more than "Mommy", “Mom”, “Ma” or even “Mooooooooom!” You can still become your best self – this is your opportunity, right here. Start now, with our latest podcast specially made with YOU in mind, mom ;) Brought to you by Epimax Baby & Junior – our family, for…
20 Feb 21 min

Can 1 drink really affect your unborn baby?

Not knowing the answer to this question can impact your child’s life in more ways than you realise. We’re getting answers from Dr Leana Olivier, CEO of the Foundation for Alcohol Related Research (FARR). Be informed about your choices – don’t miss this vital conversation! Brought to you by Epimax Baby &…
6 Feb 31 min

I’m an Anxious Mom – How do I turn anxiety to action?

Moms have a million things on their mind – and worrying about whether you’re doing it right is often at the top of that list. We all feel insecure, anxious, and filled with worry about the next few minutes, the next few days, and the rest of our child’s life!…
16 Jan 26 min

Kids, Credit Cards & CASH: A Guide to Teaching Children the Value of Money

Do you have a little gambler under your roof? Or maybe you’ve noticed sudden bratty outbursts from your little one? Justin Harrison from Money Tribe is here to talk about our children's relationship with money and how to teach them to respect its value from a young age. We’re talking…
5 Dec 2022 21 min

Elana Meyer: Sport & Motherhood - Life Lessons From The Track

She runs a business, runs a home, and runs marathons, too! We’re talking to Elana Meyer – a mother, an Olympics silver medallist, and a woman with a heart of gold! Join us as we look back at the lessons learned along the way and the goals that push this…
28 Nov 2022 28 min

What is the role of a children’s home or haven?

Why is there a stigma around children's homes? And what if we needed their support for our own families one day? Join us as we chat to Johanna Strauss from the Durbanville Children's Home to better understand how children end up in these homes and learn more about the vital…
14 Nov 2022 22 min

Postpartum, Peripartum & Partners

Clinical psychologist Liane Lurie helps us uncover the difference between ‘sadness’ and peripartum and postpartum depression. From the signs to look out for to the role of your partner during such a bittersweet time – we’re having all the important conversations! Don’t miss this interview for vital insights on your…
1 Nov 2022 22 min

Gut Health for Toddlers – How do you get it right?

Is the answer in the number of times we chew each bite of food, or is it in the nutritious fruits and veggies that you have to convince your little one to eat? We’re chatting to Megan Lagerwey, aka The Good Gut Guru, who ‘breaks down’ everything we need to…
18 Oct 2022 18 min

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – Can You Prevent Cot Death?

We’ve brought together two experts to help us understand the unpredictable tragedy that is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), more commonly known as cot death. Dr Mark Irvine – a Cape Town-based paediatrician with over 30 years of experience – joins Richard Powell – a California-based electrical engineer of over…
4 Oct 2022 31 min

Avoiding The Crash This Child Passenger Safety Week with Debbie Billson

Remember how our parents always told us to buckle up, yet still, so many of us forget to do this with our own children? It is Child Passenger Safety Week and we discuss the importance of car seats with Operations Director of Maxi Cosi, Debbie Billson. Brought to you by…
20 Sep 2022 22 min

Carol Ofori on African Stories, Heritage & Culture

Award-winning radio presenter-turned-author Carol Ofori is here to help us write the stories we tell our children about our heritage. Carol’s book series of African adventures tell us about the power of parents fulfilling their dreams and the magic of our unique heritage. Catch this thrilling interview for laughter, inspiration,…
6 Sep 2022 28 min

Preeclampsia – Pregnancy Complications with Dr Gynae

Is high blood pressure dangerous when you are pregnant? Well, it’s just one of the symptoms of Preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication affecting blood pressure, kidneys and other organs. We’ve brought in OB-Gynae-Sexologist Dr Mpume Zenda, aka “Dr Gynae”, to explain everything pregnant mommies need to know about this condition. Brought…
16 Aug 2022 15 min

Life as a Business Mom – How do you do it? With Frances Edwards

Don’t you just love seeing moms flourish and thrive in their business endeavours? We’re chatting to Frances Edwards, mom of two and founder and creative director of House of Cinnamon, a design-conscious brand offering locally handcrafted footwear and accessories – and she’s telling us how she brings it all together!…
9 Aug 2022 24 min

Etiquette 101: Modern Manners for your Children

“Het hierdie kind geen maniere nie?” Well, are etiquette and manners the same thing? Riandi Conradie from the South African Etiquette Academy is here to help and class is in session – don’t miss out! Brought to you by Epimax Baby & Junior – our family, for your family. Also…
2 Aug 2022 13 min

Body Positivity for Moms: The Story of Lerato

Lerato Makosholo is a mom with a message! Primary school Tuckshop Manager by day and our champion and advocate for body positivity today, Lerato is delivering perspective for all moms – from the journey of accepting our post-birth bodies to managing the lives we’ve made for ourselves. It’s time to…
26 Jul 2022 20 min

Eco Warrior Mom – How to teach your children about sustainability

Mom, blogger, eco warrior – and your guide to eco-awareness – Fay van Eeden from Enroute Foodie joins us to not only explain WHY, but show us HOW we can create a sustainable home and planet for our little ones. Listen to find out how simple bringing an eco-conscious mindset…
19 Jul 2022 9 min

"My child has been referred to a psychiatrist” – What now?

How can we identify when our children need more mental health support? Is medication really the answer? Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr Nkokone Tema joins us to answer our questions, bust the myths, and give us the tools we need to help our children and teens. Brought to you by…
5 Jul 2022 24 min

What No One Tells You About The First Days After Birth

We found someone who can tell us what the baby guides don’t! We brought back your favourite doula Nicolette Hadden to tell us what REALLY happens in those first 4 days after birth – don’t miss this! Brought to you by Epimax Baby & Junior – our family, for your…
21 Jun 2022 33 min
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