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An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.

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What do you do for a living? And based on the hours you work, what is your sex rate per week?

For instances, Between Farmers and Lawyers, who has more sex?

Would you say your profession allows for a good amount of sex or is it bad? #JobsThatHaveTheMostSex
Kaya 959


No one falls in love to fail. But while in it, without a warning the relationship ends abruptly.

Have you ever experienced an abrupt end to a relationship? How did you find out? #ThatRelationshipEndedAbruptly

Have you had to end a relationship, because you were with the right person at a wrong time?

Or they were the right person, but you were a wrong person, bcos your intentions were not as pure?

How long does it take to get over such a breakup?

What is the worst thing to do when going through it? #ThatRelationshipEndedAbruptly
Kaya 959


The one place we never expect to find conflict is at church, but it thrives there.

Have you witnessed it? What causes it?

Do you hold a position in church? Do you sometimes regret accepting the responsibility, bcos it has brought you closer to the politics? #ConflictAtChurch

Why do we avoid conflict like a plague? Is conflict such a bad thing?

Why do people take disagreements so personally?

What will stop you from going to church?
Kaya 959


Who has sex more: Those who get enough sleep or insomniacs?
Well, most will say those who get enough sleep, apparently the opposite is true.
Does sex make you fall asleep or does it give you energy?

- Insomniacs have less sex, bcos of less energy. So No Sleep Less Sex.
- Those that have proper rest, More Sleep More Sex.

- Sleep is very important to a healthy sex life.

- Normalize Sleeping Pill at night, Morning Glory in the Morning.
Kaya 959


Are you widowed or divorced and every time you try a new relationship it fails and you can't help but wonder if the ancestors are blocking you?

Can you spiritually be blocked from having a relationship? #ShouldAncestorsApproveYourLover

@TebogoMfete is on the show today.
Kaya 959


Learning to be OK with all the pieces of you can be hard but after some time you realise that you just need to accept yourself for who and what you are. But some parts are difficult to accept.

What have you finally accepted and acknowledge about yourself? #AcceptingThisIsMe

You made a life changing mistake, and it has tainted your life. You asked for forgiveness, but you were denied.

It so difficult to accept that part of ourselves. Bcos we are social beings. It is like a shadow keeps following until you accept it was a mistake.

One of the hardest thing to accept is body features. Instead we'd spend time and money to augment, than just accept.

Some we can work on, like mkhaba...but seshwapha sona? #AcceptingThisIsMe
Kaya 959


Compassion Fatigue often leaves you feeling exhausted, detached, emotionally disconnected and helpless.

With all the bad news and challenges today, do you find you are running low on compassion? #SoTiredOfBadNews

When you are #SoTiredOfBadNews, what's the solution?

What do you do, to keep happy and sane?

Nurses, ParaMedics and Teachers live with Compassion Fatigue.

Question is, how do they cope with life outside work, especially in these trying times? #SoTiredOfBadnews
Kaya 959


Is it true, men who can cook know their way around the bedroom?

Then: She could tell how a man is in bed in how he dines. If he takes his time to taste and savour his food, he is a love maker. If he gobbles, so she will be gobbled.
Now: #MenWhoCookAreGoodInBed, is this true?

If it is true #MenWhoCookAreGoodInBed, is it bcos him cooking is a form of foreplay? Therefore you can't but enjoy the sex bcos you've been yearning.

Also after cooking, isn't he too tired to do much in bed?
Kaya 959


Would you call your ex, when your partner is not around, if you found yourself in a tight situation? #CallingYourExForHelp

Ladies, while chilling with your man and he gets a call from a distressed Ex to come help her and he stands up to do it.

What will your reaction be?
Kaya 959


There are people who'd rather do things themselves, than to rely on others. Is it a control issue or a trust issue?

Is this you, #BetterWhenIDoItMySelf

Is it easy to live with such a person, No one can do it better than them? #BetterWhenIDoItMySelf

#BetterWhenIDoItMySelf = perfectionists.

Are you one? Don't you frustrate yourself at times?
Kaya 959

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