Kaya 959

Kaya 959

From the heart of Gauteng wherever you may be, Kaya 959 connects with our loyal listeners through a range of digital and on-air platforms. At the core of their listening experience is a variety of familiar songs that they love including soul and R&B, kwaito, jazz, chart-toppers and old school jams.

We bring them news that is relevant and conversations that inspire. Our presenters may be big names, but out of the speaker they are just the friend from around the corner. They are authentic and relatable. They engage with listeners on topics that affect their everyday life. Kaya 959 is committed to ensuring that we portray a true representation of our listeners’ richness, depth, and diversity. On the Street. On the Air.
South Africa
48 Podcast shows
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The Best T in the City

An audio magazine with the aim of being a one-stop interactive, informative, inspiring educational and empowering show. Topics on the ‘The best T’ not only aim to inform and impress the listener but also to raise some form of awareness positive or negative.
1 Mar 6AM 1,093 episodes English Technology · Religion & Spirituality

Point of View with Phemelo Motene

Point of View with Phemelo Motene, delves into the day’s current affairs, touching on real issues and sharing expert advice on the audience questions between 8pm to 10pm Mondays to Thursdays.
29 Feb 3PM 1,564 episodes English Education · Careers

Kaya Biz

At the helm of Gauteng’s biggest business radio show, Kaya Biz, is Gugulethu who will be leading the conversation on what is next for the Afropolitan business landscape. The show presents local and international business news, entrepreneurship, corporate and investment banking. Since its inception in May 2006 Kaya Biz has…
29 Feb 3PM 3,760 episodes English Business News · Investing

The Jazz Standard

The adventure of rich storytelling about the world of Jazz continues with Brenda Sisane on Kaya 959's The Jazz Standard.
14 Nov 2023 13 episodes English Music History · Music Commentary

Feel Good with Andy Maqondwana

Feel good about feeling good! That’s exactly what The Feel-Good show is about. An escape from the negativity that surrounds us, indulging you in good feels. Pass it on to one and all. Spread the good feeling around Gauteng with Andy Maqondwana.
28 Feb 8AM 351 episodes English Music

The World Show With Nicky B

The World Show is informative, expansive, and largely pan-African. This is a musical journey that bridges generations and genres, travelling across continents and timelines, with in-depth interviews and features. ‘The World Show’ is a four-hour global journey through sound – featuring the freshest tracks from home and afar.
25 Feb 217 episodes English Arts · Performing Arts

Allan Gray Kaya Biz

Join the host of Kaya Biz, Gugulethu Mfuphi, as she takes you on a journey about how you can secure your future, with Allan Gray. In a time when world economies are in a perpetual state of volatility, it is those who stay ahead of the curve and keep abreast…
20 Feb 73 episodes English Investing · Investing

Kaya Drive Thomas and Skhumba Stand In

Kaya Drive with Sizwe caters a fun, thought provoking show that offers upbeat music, arts and culture, and current affairs. In this extended time slot, between 3pm and 6pm, we will elevate our offering to suite a diverse audience split of young and mature Afropolitans. Sizwe Dhlomo is at the…
23 Oct 2023 10AM 50 episodes English Explicit After Shows · Entertainment News

959 On Wheels

The Kaya959 Weekend Breakfast changes the pace and feel from weekdays to the weekend with good music and its Saturday car talk feature, Kaya 959 on Wheels.
11 Oct 2023 49 episodes English Automotive · Documentary

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi: Special Broadcast with Phemelo Motene

Phemelo Motene hosts a special broadcast tribute in honor of Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi that reflects on the life and legacy of a man who played a pivotal role in the history of South Africa. From his leadership as the Traditional Prime Minister to the Zulu Monarch and Nation to his…
9 Sep 2023 10 episodes English News · Politics

Last Call George Manyosi Stand In

Last Call is a show centered around the female listener and her experiences. Both Thomas & Skhumba provide a space for the ladies to breath out their concerns, experiences and joys with music as the sounding board for their thoughts. It is a playful & engaging space which celebrates the…
23 May 2023 6PM 137 episodes English Sexuality

The Hive with Bonolo “Bee Sting” Molosiwa

Every “Hive” needs a Queen B and Bonolo “Bee Sting” Molosiwa is Kaya 959’s honey who brings in the money. With her bubbly personality, infectious laugh, Bee Sting radiates positive energy which is all you need to get your weekend off to the best start.
19 May 2023 39 episodes English Music Interviews · Music Commentary

Thomas & Skhumba In The Morning

Thomas Msengana and Skhumba Hlophe are two of the most popular names in entertainment in Gauteng and the whole country. As Thomas & Skhumba In the Morning on Kaya 959, the dynamic duo brings a positively contagious energy to morning radio. A balance of the familiar with a twist of…
24 Jun 2022 3AM 712 episodes English Explicit Entertainment News · Self-Improvement

The Gauteng State of the Province Address 2022

On Monday, 21 February 2022, Honourable Premier David Makhura delivered the State of the Province Address at the Brixton Multipurpose Centre in Johannesburg. In the address, the Honourable Premier covers winning the battle against COVID-19, economic reconstruction and recovery, improving social policies and promoting clean governance. We're bringing you the…
21 Feb 2022 5 episodes English Government


Midday Joy is an intersection for the dynamic forces of lifestyle, arts and culture, travel, personal development and the best selection of soul, jazz, kwaito and hip hop from the continent and the diaspora punctuated by meaningful, fun and forward-thinking conversations. As a reflection of the station’s commitment to the…
16 Feb 2022 10AM 194 episodes English Explicit Arts · Fashion & Beauty

Perspective on Money: Discovery Bank on Kaya Biz

Every Monday we bring you, Perspective on Money, our new 6-part podcast series, hosted on right here, on kaya959.co.za, and brought to you by Discovery Bank. We’ll cover a wide range of financially empowering topics including tech and innovation, and how Shared-value banking can influence your bank balance.
28 Dec 2021 6 episodes English Business

Kaya Talk with Sotho Meyer

All of life’s topics from the light-hearted to the deep, medical, social, psychological or controversial, Kaya Talk brings them to the fore Mondays to Thursday between 19h00 and 20h00.
12 Jul 2021 8AM 36 episodes English Explicit Careers · Language Learning
1 – 20