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Where goes the GNU?

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Michael Morris and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the president's speech at the opening of parliament, the first policy focused speech of the GNU. They also discuss why SA can't just tax the rich and they discuss MK going after the SABC.
19 Jul 8AM 29 min

Mr President, we want growth damnit! | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer, and Makone Maja discuss what they hope to see in the president's opening of parliament address . They also chat about tensions between the ANC and IFP in KZN and MK's poor performance in by-elections.
18 Jul 10AM 18 min

GNU test: DA calls for president to reject BELA bill | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Marius Roodt discuss the DA basic education minister calling on the President to reject the BELA bill. They also discuss the bizarre press conference held by Independent Media and they chat about a clash between in parliament about the construction Mafia.
17 Jul 10AM 16 min

Impeached judge choosing judges | Daily Friend Wrap

Chris Hattingh and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the appointment of former judge John Hlophe to the Judicial Services Commission with the support of the ANC. They also discuss devolving PRASA and the prospect of an interest rate cut.
16 Jul 9AM 14 min

Is near tragedy a triumph for Trump?

Sara Gon, Terence Corrigan and Hermann Pretorius discuss the strangely positive consequences that nearly being assassinated has offered Trump in his bid to be president again; the Medium Term Development Plan 2024-2029 sets out discussion what the GNU should aim to achieve for the next 5 years; and the legend…
16 Jul 4AM 35 min

The mess that is the MK party

Today's Daily Friend Show with John Endres, Nicholas Lorimer and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the continuing chaos in the MK party as Zuma un-fires the secretary-general. They also discuss the committee chairs in parliament, and they chat about the VBS bank scandal.
12 Jul 8AM 34 min

ANC-EFF relationship heading for a break up?

Makone Maja and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the continued deterioration of the ANC and EFF alliance in the Gauteng metros. They also discuss the inquest into the Life Esidimeni disaster and BEE in the healthcare industry.
11 Jul 11AM 14 min

R300 million stolen by hackers from Public Works | Daily Friend Wrap

Michael Morris and Nicholas Lorimer discuss the revelation by new Public Works Minister Dean Macpherson that the department was robbed of R300 million over the last 10 years. They also discuss the new Trade and Industry Minister Parks Tau and U.S.-South African relations.
10 Jul 9AM 19 min

The Daily Friend Show Special | UK election analysis

Today's Daily Friend Show discusses the United Kingdom's 2024 general election, the winners, the losers, and what It suggests about the UK's future. With Nicholas Lorimer, Hermann Pretorius and Edward Polsue.
8 Jul 9AM 1 hour

Lesufi sings a different tune

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer and Makone Maja. They discuss the ongoing debate about the DA involvement in the government of Gauteng. They also discuss the 100 days without load-shedding and the DA minister of education's promise to eradicate pit toilets.
5 Jul 8AM 36 min

MK election claims withdrawn | Daily Friend Wrap

Nicholas Lorimer and Makone Maja discuss the withdrawal of the MK party’s election court case. They also discuss multinationals pulling out of South African gas exploration and they chat about the ANC’s statement on policy continuity.
4 Jul 10AM 17 min

We have a new government

Today's Daily Friend Show with Nicholas Lorimer, Chris Hattingh and Terence Corrigan. They discuss the composition of the new cabinet announced by president Ramaphosa last night.
1 Jul 8AM 34 min

Negotiation purgatory

Today's Daily Friend Show with Sara Gon, Chris Hattingh and Nicholas Lorimer. They discuss the GNU negotiations, how Ramaphosa is desperately trying to project strength within the ANC and how the DA doesn't want to look like a bunch of quitters. They also discuss Biden's disastrous debate performance in the…
28 Jun 8AM 31 min

ANC refuses to break up with SACP

Today's Daily Friend Show with Sara Gon, Nicholas Lorimer and Hermann Pretorius. They discuss the latest developments with regards to government of national unity. They also discuss racial breakdown of the voting habits of South Africans and how the DA's campaigns don't seem to work as they would like.
24 Jun 9AM 40 min
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