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We are Random.
We get Random.
We talk about anything, so long it's Random we talking about it.
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ATG gives more tips on love ,MisRed reveals her love life

As we continue busking on the life of ATG the France Celebrity on this episode he finally gets we learn MisRed survived Coronavirus just before the nation lockdown. MisRed to talk about her love life and plans. The two also get time to reflect on the current pandemic and share…
27 May 2020 43 min

Love, Creativity and Everything Else Random

ATG catch's up with Vimbai and talk about what they think and believe about love and relationships(?) and of course totally random things. Let's start a conversation @atgtheanimator @vimbaisabelle
4 Apr 2020 56 min

Where are our Old Skool RnB Artist (ZIM)

In this episode, ATG does a countdown of our old RnB Artist and how it was in the old days. Do you have your own personal favorite? Let's have a conversation +27 74 500 4749 @atgtheanimator @pretty_miss_mj
1 Mar 2020 14 min

African Culture

ATG and Ms Jackson dive deep on how the young generation does not take part in the African culture. We also learn more about relationships
28 Aug 2019 32 min


How do you know if someone is really into you? Do you have a crush? Are you sure you guys are dating? ATG and Ms Jackson talk about Relationships.
7 Aug 2019 21 min