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Hosted by Dee and Kathleen, Mamas With Attitude is a no holds barred podcast by Dee Marco and Kathleen Ebersohn, where they drop endless bars on the truth about motherhood. Both moms are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and from having endless conversations about the ugly (and many beautiful) truths about motherhood, child-rearing and the various joys and fears along the way, the pair decided to start a public platform that holds fort for some of these chats.
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MWA E20 - Mothering, moment to moment

Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) and Dee (@phdee_vay) chat to Ashley Whitfield, founder of the Johannesburg Family Gathering and the Johannesburg Family Co-operative (@johannesburgfamilycooperative). They connected on the crucial need for community when mothering and what it means to actually do the work of care. The conversation also touches on how notions of…
21 Mar 2021 1 hr 21 min

MWA E19 - Radical Self-Care: 2020 and Beyond

In episode 19 of MWA, we chatted with Eilat Aviram (@if_ilovedmyself), psychologist and author of ‘If you loved yourself what would you do now?’. Dee (@phdee_vay) and Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) chat about self-care and meeting your needs while mothering. In 2021, many of us continue to work from home while we…
24 Feb 2021 1 hr 37 min

MWA E18 - Motherhood - It's not a test

Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) and Dee (@phdee_vay) are joined by boss mama and lone zapper, Kate Goliath (@kategoliath) in this easy and fun episode. Kate talks about her mothering experience to her two boys and wisely reminds us not to take it all so seriously. It’s a refreshing follow up to some…
5 Dec 2020 1 hr 12 min

MWA E17 - Dare I say...I am drowning.

In this episode Dee (@phdee_vay) and Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) chat about the transition from one to two kids and goes into real talk about having two humans who take up all headspace and capacity. Dee speaks frankly about the complete crazy that is her life now that she has had her…
28 Nov 2020 1 hr 25 min

MWA E16 - Transfixed in Mothering Time

Kath (@kathleenwriting) and Dee (@phdee_vay) chat with artist feminist Sharlene Khan about the project of mothering. Khan chats with the MWA mamas about how she mothered, how she was mothered - both biologically and in other aspects of her life - and how these experiences have made her who she…
30 Sep 2020 1 hr 32 min

MWA E15 - Tittie Munching Vampires & Other Things with Alex

Kath (@kathleenwriting) and Dee (@phdee_vay) reconnected with Alex (@alex_fitzmia) six months after her birth to her son. We meandered through Alex’s gorgeous birth story from her and her partner stealthily gliding the car out the driveway so as not to alert both grannies to a swift empowering birth. We also…
13 Sep 2020 1 hr 03 min

MWA E14 – Talking TOLACs, Care & Community in a Pandemic

Kath (@kathleenwriting) and Dee (@phdee_vay) had an early morning Zoom call with Thando Moleketi-Williams (@andbathandwa) to chat about her pregnancy to her second child during a global pandemic. Thando spoke about her TOLAC (Trial of Labour after Caesarean) journey. We chatted about care, community and how these have changed during…
31 Aug 2020 1 hr 14 min

MWA E13 – Pregnant & Prepping for a Home-birth in a Global Pandemic.

Kath (@kathleenwriting) caught up with Dee (@phdee_vay) 37 weeks into her second pregnancy to talk about what it has been like being pregnant and preparing for a birth in a global pandemic. Dee chats about her birth preparations like finding her birthing team, being ready to change expectations and arrangements…
15 Aug 2020 1 hr 05 min

MWA E12 - Motherhood as a new planet, your creativity is your spacesuit

Dee (@phdee_vay) and Kath (@kathleenwriting) had the pleasure of sitting down with poet and fellow mama with attitude, Megan Ross (@megan_ross_). Megan has been intentional and vocal about documenting her mothering journey through her debut anthology of poetry, Milk Fever, and her short story, Farang. The conversation was an eruption…
24 Jul 2020 1 hr 16 min

MWA E11 - Community, Love and Mama-hood

When Dee (@phdee_vay) and Kath (@kathleenwriting) sit down with Natasha Valley (@natashavally) they discuss choosing to have children as a radical experience. They also discuss community and what it means to parent collectively, an often difficult and counter intuitive choice in our global world. This chat with Natasha is filled…
6 May 2020 57 min

MWA E10 - On the Couch, with Each Other: Farewells and Anticipation.

In this final episode of 2019, Dee (@phdeevay) and Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) reflect on what the year has been and meant for them as moms, friends and as women, trying to keep up the hustle. Our final consensus- 2019 was one of the biggest years for each of us! The highs…
31 Dec 2019 1 hour

MWA E9: Yours in Pregnancy Pettiness

In this two episode conversation Dee (@phdeevay) and Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) sit down with Alex Fitzgerald (@alex_fitzmia), long time friend and human rights lawyer. Alex is about to have her first baby. Dee and Kathleen chat with her about her hopes and anticipations for the birth, the first few months, the…
21 Dec 2019 1 hr 21 min

MWA E8 : Birth, an opportunity to find your voice

Dee (@phdee_vay) and Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) chat to Lana Petersen who works as a doula in Cape Town, to better understand all things doula related asking questions such as, what is a doula, what value can they provide and how do you decide who suits you and what you hope for…
5 Dec 2019 1 hr 04 min

MWA E7: Mothering the Mother - Unpacking Postpartum Care

Dee (@phdee_vay) and Kathleen (@kathleenwriting) sat down to chat with Genevieve Putter, the founder of the new normal (@t.h.e.n.e.w.n.o.r.m.a.l), a resourceful and insightful platform, which gives support to mothers in their journeys. Gen shared her journey to motherhood and how her experiences led her to start the new normal, the…
25 Oct 2019 55 min

MWA E6 - No Disclaimers Needed Part II

Part II our sixth episode, Dee and Kathleen speak to Nokulinda Mkhize, a fellow mother of four and Sangoma. This was such a rich session that we needed to break the episode into two parts! In the first part we speak about the role of the broader community in raising…
19 Sep 2019 29 min

MWA E6 - No Disclaimers Needed Part I

For our sixth episode, Dee and Kathleen speak to Nokulinda Mkhize, a fellow mother of four and Sangoma. This was such a rich session that we needed to break the episode into two parts! In the first part we speak about the role of the broader community in raising a…
15 Sep 2019 53 min

MWA E6 - No Disclaimers Needed Trailer

Mamas With Attitude — Here's what to expect on Episode 6 : No Disclaimers Needed with Nokulinda Mkhize of Mamas with Attitude hosted by Dee Marco and Kathleen Ebersohn.
11 Sep 2019 2 min
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