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Spotlight a growing and vibrant arts community in the Upper Cumberland with The Scene on Lite Rock 95.9. Host Andrea Kruszka interviews local artists, performers, and more to learn what goes into their craft and why. Find out where their ideas and talents originate, while also keeping a pulse on upcoming performances and galleries around the Upper Cumberland each week on The Scene.

Showcase local talent from across the Upper Cumberland with Andrea Kruszka and The Scene - Sunday mornings 8-10am on Lite Rock 95.9
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The Scene: Owner of The Angry Ironsmith Jim Reilly

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she visits with Jim Reilly, owner of The Angry Ironsmith They talk about a storefront that Jim has provided to other artists in the area, some things he enjoys listening to while he works, and his role as the secretary for the AACB that supports…
10 Dec 15 min

The Scene: Art Round Tennessee's Jen Luna

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Jen Luna from Art Round Tennessee. They begin with recapping a successful Art Prowl last month, Jen's show that has just opened at The Silver Fern with hand carved woodcuts, and where the inspirations of the images came from and more…
3 Dec 15 min

The Scene: Meet Upper Cumberland Artist Shannon Buckley

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she talks with Shannon Buckley, a new artist to the region that has settled in the Rock Island area. They talk about Shannon and the various mediums that she works in beginning with sewing, what the deciding factor to move to Tennessee was, and some…
26 Nov 15 min

The Scene: True Love Tattoo's Josh Fracker

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Josh Fracker, the owner of True Love Tattoo in Cookeville. They touch on Josh previews a flash event to support Helping Hands, what gave him the inspiration to get into tattooing, and previewing Art Prowl next weekend with artists coming into…
5 Nov 15 min

The Scene: Mixed Media Monterey Artist Barbara Chambers

Join host Andrea Kruszka visits with Barbara Chambers, a mixed media artist from Monterey. They talk about what brought Barbara to Tennessee and what's kept her here, how the area and art community stands out here in comparison to being in New York, and what're some of the things we…
22 Oct 15 min

The Scene: Art Prowl 2023 Preview

Join host Andrea Kruszka meets with Jen Luna and Emma Levitz, the co-directors of Art Round Tennessee as they preview next month's Art Prowl event. They discuss what to expect from this year's Art Prowl with some new businesses and artists featured, how the First Friday events have been going…
8 Oct 15 min

The Scene: Meet Cookeville Photographer Pamela Claytor

Join host Andrea Kruszka visits with Pamela Claytor, a photographer with many different backgrounds that include boudoir and pin-up photography. They talk about Pamela's background with photography going back early in her childhood, where the inspiration comes from for her set-ups, and what her favorite part is about doing boudoir and…
1 Oct 15 min

The Scene: Amy Ing of Spotlight Costumes

Join host Andrea Kruszka meets with Amy Ing, co-owner of Spotlight Costumes in Cookeville. They talk about where the idea of a costume shop came from, the fun in supplying the costumes to different productions, and what's the most challenging thing she encounters when providing costumes for shows. New episodes…
24 Sep 15 min

The Scene: Owner of Picasso's Gift Shop Nick Freeman

Join host Andrea Kruszka sits down with Nick Freeman, an artist in Cookeville and owner of Picasso's Gift Shop. Nick talks about how he started charcoal drawings of local interests in Cookeville, listening to television mostly while working instead of going the music route, and discussing the idea of his…
17 Sep 15 min

The Scene: Tennessee Tech Percussion Teacher Jayce Clemons

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with Tennessee Tech Percussion teacher Jayce Clemons. Jayce gives some background on earning his Master's at the University of North Texas, if anything related to getting his doctorate will relate to his background in composing music, and  how he got started with building…
3 Sep 15 min

The Scene: General Artist Briana Blohm

Briana discusses being a general artist and working with different mediums. Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with general artist Briana Blohm from Cookeville. They talk about how she acquired her other artistic backgrounds while also having an industrial design background, how the art scene in the Upper Cumberland…
27 Aug 15 min

The Scene: Meet Cookeville Painter Katie Tyler

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with artist and painter Katie Tyler. They look at what influenced Katie to start painting going all the way back to kindergarten, where she gets her ideas and some artists that likes to bounce ideas off of, and how the art scene here…
20 Aug 15 min

The Scene: Musician Andrew Buckner

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she talks with Putnam County musician Andrew Buckner. They look at the song that Andrew heard that made him want to get started in music, where he tends to get his inspiration from when making new music, and the new instrumental album that was just…
13 Aug 15 min

The Scene: Metalworker David Fricke

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with metalworker and Cookeville resident David Fricke. They look at David's background with metalworking and how he got started, upcoming projects including one with some local Cookeville businesses, and if there is anything he likes to listen to while he works. New episodes…
6 Aug 15 min

The Scene: The Cast of "Out Of This World" Dinner Theatre Show

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she talks with the some of the cast of Out Of This World and director Logan Taylor. The group talks about what the idea was to start something like this, details about the show and their "family" process of doing things together, and some exciting…
30 Jul 15 min

The Scene: Meet The Rustic Nail's Tyler Asher

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she visits with Tyler Asher, owner of The Rustic Nail. They discuss the journey of starting The Rustic Nail, how Tyler's day job at the Small Business Development Center helps him with his business and the business a client has, and some favorite projects from…
23 Jul 15 min

The Scene: Owners of Illuminated Grain Andrew and Nida Kruse

Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with the owners of Illuminated Grain, Andrew Kruse and his wife Nida. The three talk about what was the idea that sparked the husband and wife's company, how Nida handles the marketing and the behind-the-scenes roles, and how sustainability plays an important…
2 Jul 15 min
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