Citizen Justice Network Sicelukukhanya Home Based Care and Nqubeko FM

Sicelukukhanya Home Based Care and Nqubeko FM

Sabelo Molefe is a Citizen Justice Network Paralegal officer at Sicelukukhanya Home Based Care based in Limehill, KwaZulu Natal.

You can catch her with Sabelo Molefe every Wednesday on the 'Sakha Ikhaya Mkhaya' show - 09:30 - 10:00.
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Msizi Miya on Nqubeko FM

Msizi Miya is talking about the importance of Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act and how one can protect themselves in such situations when they are on duty.
19 Jul 2022 11 min

Msizi Miya on Nqubeko FM

Msiza Miya was focusing on unclaimed benefits under Provident Fund as an issue of the community and the most kind situations they dealt with. They are sharing how it works and how one can claim it.
14 Jul 2022 10 min

Msizi Miya on Nqubeko FM - Mob justice

Msizi Miya is in conversation with Magolide, focusing on Mob Justice as a lot of communities are facing a rise in crime. They highlight the wrongdoing of taking the law into your own hand as time and time again communities have voiced out that the justice system keeps failing them.
14 Jul 2022 9 min

Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI Act)

Tackling social grants on behalf of the beneficiaries, how does this law protect their rights. In some cases, beneficiaries' grants are being illegally deducted without their permission.
25 May 2022 13 min

Bullying in Bergville Schools

Msizi Miya is in conversation with Kwanda Sithole from Nqubeko FM where they touching on bullying in schools. They are also focusing on the negative impact on pupils and also what role can parents and schools play to prevent the spread.
21 Mar 2022 17 min

Msizi Miya on Nqubeko FM - Tips for Parenting Teens

During the covid-19 pandemic, many parents had issues in coping with their teenage children. this is sometimes a result of personality differences that comes with being a teenager. the transition from a child to an adult is always the most critical part of growth for every human being. Msizi Miya…
24 May 2021 33 min

Msizi Miya on Nqubeko FM - Protection Order

Domestic violence is one of the biggest social issues that we are faced within South Africa. Many people find themselves in awkward situations where they cannot run away from the abusers. South Africa has something called a protection order, which is a court order that can protect someone from being…
10 Apr 2021 29 min

Msizi Miya on Nqubeko FM

Msizi Miya from Zanokuhle Advice and Resources Centre is in conversation with Kwanda Sithole from Nqubeko FM about the Social Relief of Distress Grant that was introduced by the South African government to help those who are not working in the duration of the national lockdown.
25 Nov 2020 26 min