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Drum Weekly is a weekly audio magazine exploring celeb interviews, the latest literature, culture and inspirational stories. Each week, members of the Drum team will interview the most captivating personalities while inspiring, educating and advising listeners.
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Marrying into a different race or culture | Two wives share their experience

With multiple cultures and 11 official languages, it is not uncommon for South Africans to marry into different races or cultures. Assimilating into the different practices, however, can be a daunting experience for many. Siya Tsewu speaks to two women — one married to a white man and the other…
22 Oct 2021 24 min

Should boyfriends lobola before meeting your parents for the first time?

When is the right time for your parents to finally meet your boyfriend? Many cultural practices say boyfriends should only meet your parents when they intend to marry. We spoke to two women who are also parents on their personal experiences and what they now practice in modern times.
15 Oct 2021 21 min

Ukukotiza | Women share how the process can be made easier

Ukukotiza (performing chores for your in-laws) can be a daunting experience. In this episode, host, Siya Tsewu speaks to a newlywed makoti about her experience with ukukotiza as a working woman. We also speak to the author of a makoti self-help book and a representative from Makoti Assist -- an…
23 Sep 2021 18 min

Makoti Unveiled | Welcome to the family, makoti

Makoti Unveiled is our new series aimed at current, to-be and aspiring makotis. Regardless of your culture, becoming a makoti can be a daunting experience – and we're here to help. Every week, our host, Drum journalist and resident makoti, Siya Tsewu, will speak to different women who will share…
10 Sep 2021 19 min

Gigi Lamayne on becoming a sangoma

She discovered that she was called to be a sangoma at the age of 11. However, it took rapper Gigi Lamayne years to finally accept that call. In this episode, she discusses her journey and how it has changed her life.
16 Jul 2021 5 min
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