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Be The Change

To witness change you have to become it, when your mindset towards things around you changes everything changes and has a lasting effect on people around you.

You Matter

Everyone in the world is important, we all play a role in each other's life on at least one sphere of the earth. Never doubt your significance.

Stop Doubting Yourself

The Gentlemnoon encourages and inspires as he speaks about never looking down on yourself. You are your biggest cheerleader and only you have the power to motivate yourself to be great.

Focus On Yourself

Invest in yourself, build the brand of you. This week gentlemoon discusses how to be the best version of yourself and how to build yourself up to achieve great things.

Being Proffesional

The professional has learned that success, like happiness, comes as a by-product of work. The professional concentrates on the work and allows the rewards to come or not come, whatever they like.

The Power Of Music

Music has the power to influence and, bring emotion such as peace, happiness, anger etc. What does music do for you?

Be Significant

In a world where everyone wants to matter and be a topic of great importance to at least a few 100s of thousands of people, what will make you stand out?

Push Past Your Limit

Limitations are a state of mind and only once you break free from a limited mindset you will be able to see what is beyond you and what you have seen.

Be The Best

Being the best is something that is overlooked, to be the best you have to be more than just average.
Being the best at what you do means you have to be abnormal.

Rise Again

In lIfe people experience challenges and, only once you're dead van you truly be stress free but, what do you do when you face trialing times and things fall apart?

I Am The Greatest

On Be Inspired the Gentlemoon interviews a boxer by the name of Carlos who gives his back story and shares a few boxing tip with us.


On this episode of The Be Inspired Show, the Gentlemoon interviews game makers/ developers of project midnight, a South African based game that aim to be the biggest in the nation.

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