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The Danny Painter Show - It’s a Thing

It's a thing! In a world where negativity and cruelty go viral, kindness is often overlooked as being weak, submissive and taking the easy route. This kindness warrior aims to change that narrative and make kindness go viral! In this podcast, Danny Painter will take you on a journey of healing, self discovery and kindness. You will walk away knowing you can overcome, you can live your dreams and you matter. Join her, every Monday, as she inspires a global community of humans who, through kindness, will change our world!

The video versions are available on XOTV at https://xotv.me/channels/313-the-danny-painter-show
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Self-Improvement
30 Episodes
24 – 30

It's a Thing: Body hair

This week on the show, Danny speaks to the Laser Lady of South Africa - Tzvia Herman about going from bum broke to owning and operating over ten salons! This one is for those entrepreneurs among us! You can watch the full episode on XOTV.Me! Please note this episode is…
26 Apr 2021 27 min

It's a Thing: Afrodaddy

Imagine fostering 14 kids. Terence Mentor and his wife Julie did exactly that! From the ups to the downs to everything in between, this incredible father of two sat down with me to talk about all things 'dad'. But also, how we can better support the dads in our lives!…
19 Apr 2021 1 hr 01 min

It's a thing: Biohacking

Can we turn ourselves into super humans? I happened to chat to Tristan van Moerkerken, a South African who owns and runs a company that specialises in biohacking, nootropics and all the other words I had to Google. This one will educate you! [Strong language advisory] Get in touch with…
12 Apr 2021 27 min

It's a Thing: Whitewater

Antoinette Lee Toscano is a fellow XOTV creator, with an adventure channel that will inspire and motivate you to get off of your butt and into nature! Danny spoke to Antoinette about extreme sports, but also about her incredible life thus far. This one will inspire you! [Strong language advisory]…
5 Apr 2021 41 min

It's a Thing: The Cecil Hotel

This week on the Danny Painter Show, she gets really real with someone who's seen some very scary things happen at the infamous Cecil Hotel! Peet Motzingo is a singer, TikTok star and YouTuber who lives across the road from one of the most haunted hotels - in the world…
29 Mar 2021 35 min

It's a Thing: Shifting perspective

This week on the Danny Painter Show, one of her oldest and dearest friends joins her from Australia to chat about following dreams. Andrei Tenche is a photographer and human who, during a global pandemic, decided to create the life of his dreams! This one will inspire you! [Please note…
25 Mar 2021 44 min
24 – 30