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The Danny Painter Show - It’s a Thing

In a world where negativity and cruelty go viral, kindness is often overlooked as being weak, submissive, and taking the easy route - this kindness warrior aims to change that narrative and make kindness go viral! In this podcast, Danny Painter takes you on a journey of healing, self-discovery and kindness. You will walk away knowing you can overcome, you can live your dreams and you matter.

The video versions are available on XOTV at https://xotv.me/channels/313-the-danny-painter-show
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Society & Culture · Self-Improvement
30 Episodes
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It's a Thing: Mopreme Shakur

In this second last episode of 'the Danny Painter show', she sits down with the incredible, Mopreme Shakur. From one of the most reported family tragedies in the world, the murder of his brother, Tupac, to creating new memories, meeting the fans and the extended hip hop family around the…
29 Nov 2021 49 min

It's a Thing: Peach

In a reunion of sorts, these two Pro Arte Alphen Park alumni talk about high school, big honde, going 'kakgroot' and inventing new things! Listen to it wherever you get your podcasts or watch it on Xotv.me!
22 Nov 2021 1 hr 02 min

It's a thing: The skin you're in

Dr Tarryn Jacobs is a specialist dermatologist in South Africa. She joined Danny on the podcast to chat about one of our most important organs - the skin! How can you look after the skin you’re in? She has all the answers! You can watch the episode on XOTV.me, or…
16 Nov 2021 39 min

It's a Thing: Holistic health

Brent Murphy is a pharmacist who believed in holistic health so much that he founded a company that specialises in it! Danny spoke to him about health, wellness and how to overcome some common mental health concerns, naturally!
15 Nov 2021 1 hour

It's Thing: Querido

Chris Querido is a name you need to know - a multi award-winning producer, composer, and sound designer, as well as the founder and Creative Director of Sonar Studios. His compositions have been featured on international series such as American thriller Quantico and American glam soap opera Dynasty. Additionally, Querido…
8 Nov 2021 55 min

It's A thing: Women in politics

Politics. Historically, a mans world, but there is a powerhouse woman in Ekhuruleni who is changing the landscape! Meet Refiloe Nt'sekhe, a mom, political activist and great human!
20 Oct 2021 1 hour

It's a Thing: Living Transgender

This week's episode is one that's close to my heart, one of the humans I love the most is speaking her truth, a truth that some humans feel very strongly about! A truth that divides, a truth that creates an 'us and them' mentality, but a truth, none the less…
27 Sep 2021 1 hr 11 min

It's a Thing: The new political party

Herman Mashaba is a name that you know, a political figure, a business man and a man who is aiming too change the world, but why? What is the driving force behind this powerhouse human? What made him and what drives him? We get into all of that here!
20 Sep 2021 57 min

It's a thing: The Billionaire

Quinton Van Der Burgh is a name you've no doubt heard before. Whether he's in the news for who he's dating, a new project or for his philanthropy, he's always in the news! As one of the wealthiest men in the country, Quinton is exactly that - he's not rich,…
30 Aug 2021 58 min

It's a Thing: Neon Dreams

They are a Canadian band, a group of great humans who have recently spent a few month touring and exploring South Africa! Their song 'Life without fantasies' went massive here, thanks to TikTok and so, they packed their bags and came over to travel, perform and even record some new…
2 Aug 2021 37 min

It's a thing: Overcoming Adversity

Elsubie Verlinden is a name you will recognise if you have ever been involved in the modelling industry bot locally and abroad. A well recognised model, she built an empire around her knowledge and passion for an industry that, sometimes, wasn't so kind to her. Danny sat down with her…
2 Aug 2021 1 hr 01 min

It's a Thing: Lean

TW: Addiction, narcotic use, dependancy, drugs, mental health disorders. Lean, a mixture of coedine cough stryp and soda, sometimes with jelly sweets, that according to urban Dictionary gets you 'high as f*&k'. Danny has done it, more than once and according to a new study, the effects of 'lean' are…
2 Aug 2021 40 min

It's A thing: Broke and famous

Imagine being an 'in demand; Hollywood producer, working with incredible stars and creating hit after hit after hit. You'd have everything you wanted, right? Wrong. Sometimes everything you wanted, is nothing you needed, and a lesson disguised as success. Nate Butler knows this narrative all too well, after having worked…
2 Aug 2021 59 min

It's a thing: The South African Music Industry

If you are a writer, producer, vocalist, or anything else in the South African Music industry, this podcast is for you! In the last few months, no industry has been harder hit than that of the entertainment one. The singers, bands, sound engineers, very few people within the music industry…
13 Jul 2021 31 min

It's a Thing: TikTok famous

Alexander Stewart is a rising TikTok star that has a 'super computer' for a brain. In this episode, Danny catches up with the man who knows pretty much all of it, the last word and most trusted TikTok source on everything from gravity to breathing inside cars (you have to…
5 Jul 2021 47 min

It's a Thing: The side piece

Japhta Mohlabane is a creative director, storyteller, and producer. He's also one of the forces behind the South African production house responsible for shows such as ‘The Real Housewives of Johannesburg’ and ‘The Real Housewives of Durban'! Starting his Semamo Productions wasn’t easy after spending years honing his craft on…
28 Jun 2021 52 min

It's a Thing: Nostalgia core

The (John) Candy! Confused? So was I but, hang on, it gets more clear the longer you listen! Three guys who love metal and John Candy movies combined their favourite things, put on some masks and wrote some really kick ass fun metal songs! They are my fellow XOTV creators…
23 Jun 2021 50 min

It's a Thing: Head, Heart, Gut

Celynn Morin is a coach, helping those of us challenged by stress to enrich our quality of life; to have more energy; to sleep with ease and to feel more in control of our physical, emotional and mental health. With her unique style that includes a joie de vivre rooted…
16 Jun 2021 41 min

It's a Thing: Joining the circus

Running away to join the circus has always been my back up plan, even though I have no skills for this career path whatsoever. Luckily, there's a place I can go to to not only learn the skills I need, but to also perform! Zip Zap circus school was founded…
7 Jun 2021 47 min

It's a Thing: Homeostasis

Michelle Campbell, the owner of Green Cat Health organic health products– a female-owned business that focuses on mind, body and soul healing joins us to help us heal! Michelle is a qualified herbalist. She travels all over the country giving talks on green health and the use of CBD oil…
28 May 2021 43 min
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