African Music Activists

Meet some of Southern Africa's most talented musicians. Discover their stories and hear their work. But this podcast is about more than that. Each artist is also passionate about keeping traditional African music alive, evolving and, above all, heard. Each one is an African Music Activist.
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6 Episodes

6. Madosini

Madosini. Ma Dosini. The mother of the Dosini clan is also the mother of an art form. The most talented and most important traditional bow player in the world. A vital force in African music. Meet her - hear her - here.
9 Jun 2021 24 min

5. Patricia Opondo

While all our activists are teachers to some extent, Dr Patricia Opondo has dedicated her life to creating the next generation of performers ... and teachers. Hear her story ... and the results of her work.
2 Jun 2021 22 min

4. Andrew Tracey

Performer, researcher, teacher, archivist, campaigner, inspiration. Few people have done more to document, promote and champion traditional African music and musicians than Professor Andrew Tracey. This is his remarkable story.
26 May 2021 32 min

3. Venancio Mbande Junior

Timbila is recognised by Unesco as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is Mozambique's national instrument but, without the passion and dedication of one family, it would almost certainly have disappeared. Meet Vanancia Mbande Junior, a brilliant musician who is also doing all…
19 May 2021 23 min

2. Dizu Plaatjies

From learning the uhadi bow at his mother's knee to becoming an international superstar to being the first black professor of music at the University of Cape Town, Dizu Plaatjies has never stopped believing one thing - without its music, Africa would be lost.
19 May 2021 31 min

1. Welcome to African Music Activists

Before we introduce you to some of Southern Africa's most talented and influential musicians, here's a bit more information on what this series is all about.
12 May 2021 1 min