It's Going to be OK

It's Going to be OK

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone. Recent surveys have shown that depression, anxiety and suicides have increased the world over since the pandemic began - disruption to daily routines and to the economy have impacted our lives in ways that will live way beyond the lockdowns.

"The world is going through tremendous chaos and change, and individuals and corporates are trying to adapt to this change with little or no guide or reference point. What is the public 'bidding' for? Emotional stability? Consistency? Answers? Hope? Leadership? A blueprint? An escape?"

That’s according to Dr Hanan Bushkin - renowned psychologist and head of the Anxiety and Trauma Clinic in Johannesburg. Dr Bushkin has worked for more than 18 years on the problem of behavioural patterns and its effect on mood and cognition, as well as in frontline crisis intervention and organisational training.

Gareth Cliff and CliffCentral have teamed up with Dr Bushkin to tackle mental wellbeing in the “new normal” and looking to the future with this weekly podcast - broadcast live on The Gareth Cliff Show every Monday and available on the CliffCentral website, app and YouTube (or wherever you get your podcasts) at your convenience.
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Open Relationships

Open relationships are fairly complicated, but not impossible. Where is the line drawn, and what are the rules involved? Is trust a major factor? Leigh-Ann Mol weighs in with her personal experience.
22 May 12 min

Goal First, Strategy Second

Dr. Hanan Bushkin and the team discuss Gareth’s frustration with reliability and consistency in people. There are specific boxes you need to place some people into, in order to avoid disappointment. Know your goal first, and strategize second.
15 May 14 min

Disappointing Fairytales

After watching the King’s Coronation over the weekend, Gareth brings up the reality of fairytales not working out the way Hollywood has programmed us to believe. Dr Hanan jumps in, explaining the realities of a real fairytale… and how if someone wants something that badly, they’ll find a way to…
8 May 13 min

Unstuck with Mash & Simphiwe

Simphiwe and Mash need some mediation, as she’s concerned that he has jumped into his new relationship way too quickly. Dr Hanan shares his expert opinion, and reminds us of the 9 ingredients for a healthy relationship.
24 Apr 19 min

The Appeal of Bad Boys

What is it about a bad boy that makes a woman throw away her entire career and life to be with him? The team discuss the Dr Nandipha and Thabo Bester situation in question. South African comedian Mum-z asks for the best way to convince someone you love that they…
17 Apr 17 min

Sunken Cost Syndrome

When you invest a lot of time and effort into a person, is it worth it to hold on… or start fresh and hit that reset button? Dr Hanan Bushkin explains how to correctly distribute your time, effort and coins - even if it means writing off a lot.
3 Apr 11 min

The Appeal of Escapism

Trevor Gumbi is seeking some advice about escapism, and what's behind our desire of constantly fantasising about wanting to be somewhere better than where we are. Dr Hanan weighs in with some deep thoughts.
27 Mar 14 min

Body Positivity vs Fat Shaming

Dr Hanan Bushkin mediates a little argument between Gareth and Leigh-Ann about body image. Leigh-Ann (having considered herself fat for most of her life) talks about the importance of feeling comfortable in your skin, and promoting beauty of all shapes and sizes… vs Gareth’s argument of “no one likes to…
20 Mar 19 min

UnStuck: Bully vs Victim

Dr Hanan Bushkin is in studio with Gareth to introduce you to an incredible duo with a touching story. Clinton Fein and Bryan Schimmel are touring the country to tell their story of how a victim/bully relationship has been reconciled and are now close to being best friends. Dr Hanan…
13 Mar 24 min

The Comfort of Compatibility

What makes people compatible for each other? Celeb couple Craig Urbani and Cindy Swanepoel join Dr Hanan to discuss a variety of different topics after recently getting engaged. Craig shares what it’s like to be engaged for the first time at 52, whether their age gap was ever an issue,…
5 Mar 14 min

UnStuck: Megan vs Carol

It’s the first episode of UnStuck with Dr Hanan… and we kick it off with Megan, who presents an issue with her mom Carol wanting to miss a family trip to go see the Northern lights. Dr Hanan gives his ruling, but does the audience agree with it? Share your…
26 Feb 19 min

The Quest for Eternal Youth

Dr Hanan Bushkin weighs in on something Gareth and the team were discussing regarding children growing up overprotected. He also covers the reasons why we might want to stay young, instead of embracing growing older gracefully.
19 Feb 13 min

Going through the Motions

Dr Hanan Bushkin joins the show to unpack the tragic passing of AKA and his former manager Tibz. He advises how to mourn in the space of your friends and loved ones, and not to handle such emotions on your own.
12 Feb 15 min

The Power of Forgiveness

Candice Mama opens up about the time in her life where she forgave her father’s killer, and advocated for his parole - in order to set herself free from the heartache it had caused her family. Dr Hanan Bushkin explains the importance of forgiveness, and how it can be life-changing.
5 Feb 15 min

Loadshedding: Rewards & Consequences 

Loadshedding is affecting us all in one way or another, but there is more than one aspect to consider. Dr Hanan Bushkin explains the mindset we need to have, which includes the theory of successful people vs unsuccessful people, and the coin theory about knowing which situations you can and…
22 Jan 12 min

Introducing UnStuck

Dr Hanan Bushkin introduces a new feature that he wants to kick off this year, called UnStuck. It’s a mediation feature where couples, business partners, friends or colleagues who are stuck in complicated situations come on the show for a live mediation session. If you have a complicated situation that…
15 Jan 16 min

The Secret to Happiness

Are you single or with a partner for the wrong reasons? Dr Hanan Bushkin explains why relationships are important, people’s fear of being alone or social pressure, and why it’s important to be honest with yourself and enjoy your own company.
18 Dec 2022 16 min

Fulfilling One’s Needs

This week Dr Hanan Bushkin unpacks two emails - one wanting advice on making a big move to another city, and the other wanting to know if being needy is a bad thing.
11 Dec 2022 15 min

Learn to be Specific

This week, Tumi Morake is curious to know if there’s a nice way to ask for space. Dr. Hanan Buskhin shares the importance of communication, and how to do so specifically.
4 Dec 2022 14 min

Internal vs External

Gareth asks Dr Hanan Bushkin what people can do for the upcoming festive season, which isn’t so positive for some. Dr Hanan explains why going inside your own head can be a bad thing… and how living ‘externally’ is the solution.
27 Nov 2022 19 min
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