larry kwirirayi #KwiriTalks To...

#KwiriTalks To...

Larry Kwiriayi has a conversation with a guest about what matters to them, a conversation about life, weird things, cool things and some things.
Occasionally English Explicit Zimbabwe Society & Culture · Personal Journals
6 Episodes

Ep 5 - Mike Tashaya

Celebrated communicator, realtor, innovator and creator of networks and tribes Mike Tashaya has just moved back to Zimbabwe after 27 years. Larry Kwirirayi spoke to him just after he had arrived.
16 Dec 2023 24 min

Ep 4 - David Coltart

Cllr David Coltart is the newly installed Mayor of Bulawayo. Larry Kwirirayi had a chat with him about his main three plans for the city in the first year, the housing backlog, vendors solution, Heath Streak and more.
22 Sep 2023 58 min

Ep 3 - Vusa Mkhaya

On this episode celebrated Bulawayo-born superstar Vusa Mkhaya shares his musical journey, from the long journey with Insingizi, working with Hans Zimmer and the late Cal Vin. He shares nuggets on what he has learnt from his career with compelling anecdotal storytelling.
31 Aug 2023 1 hr 05 min

Ep 1 - SoProfound

Larry Kwirirayi chats with acclaimed poet, radio presenter and super content producer SoProfound on the state of art in Zimbabwe, content production, cancel culture and more.
20 Jul 2021 1 hr 09 min