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The beauty of radio is the immediacy. The beauty of a podcast is the longevity. Fine Music Radio Plus brings you the best of both with selected programmes and features based on popular demand.

Fine Music Radio Plus brings you selected programmes and features which you can listen to at your leisure.
Occasionally English South Africa Music
14 Episodes

Great Interpreters Sibyl Whiteman Morris

Sibyl Whiteman Morris was a renowned pianist and an FMR presenter. On Great Interpreters Lorraine Braid presented a tribute programme in memory of this wonderful musician. We know how much Sibyl meant to FMR listeners which is why we are podcasting this programme.
20 Oct 1 hr 57 min

Woman Zone's Annual Women's Day Show

The annual Woman Zone Women’s Day programme brings prominent and inspiring women to the FMR airwaves. Hosted by Theresa Smith and produced by Beryl Eichenberger this show spotlights women in the Cape Town community who are making a difference.
9 Aug 58 min

FMR Collection - Cape Diary Interview with Eon de Vos

Fine Music Radio, together with the De Hoop Collection presents the FMR Collection: a weekend of fine music, fine wining and dining and some adventure. Station Manager Eon de Vos spoke to Hadley Tituss on Cape Diary about this exciting event.
7 Jun 12 min

Composer of the Week - Cape Choral Academy

The Cape Choral Academy is a new school in Stellenbosch that opened in January 2023. FMR presenter Diederick Basson, who is also an academic head at the CCA and his students produced a programme on Gabriel Fauré.
15 May 1 hr 56 min

Katherine Jenkins Interview

Dr Andrew Muir, CEO of the Wilderness Foundation Africa, invited FMR’s Otto van der Walt and Vanessa Levenstein to an informal gathering with superstar mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins OBE, and Hollywood filmmaker, artist and professor at New York University Andrew Levitas. Both are patrons of the Wilderness Foundation Global and were…
16 Jan 9 min

Plummer's Patter

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society has partnered with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan Society. 'Opus' is delighted to bring you “Plummer’s Patter”. Libretto and vocalist: Nick Plummer Pianist: Helen Broekmann
28 Nov 2022 2 min

A tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Elizabeth II was Queen of the United Kingdom from 6 February 1952 until her death on 8 September 2022. FMR’s Nick Plummer pays tribute to the Queen.
9 Sep 2022 8 min

Woman Zone's Annual Women's Day Show

Woman Zone's annual Women's Day show features Dr Marlene le Roux, CEO of Artscape; details of the performance Broken Crayons with disability and social justice activist Notukela Makohliso; Cindy Buske, CEO of Soil for Life; Nina Geraghty of the Life Righting Collective and finally Beryl Botman, author of With (-out)…
8 Aug 2022 57 min

The Sound of War: World-class conductor Theodore Kuchar flees Ukraine.

American-Ukrainian conductor Theodore Kuchar has won multiple awards and is the most recorded conductor of his generation. A mere week after conducting Dvorak’s Requiem he had to flee his beloved Ukraine. He shared his story with Vanessa Levenstein from Fine Music Radio.
10 Mar 2022 55 min

Composer of the Week - Peter Klatzow

In Composer of the Week on 17 January 2022, John Woodland presented a tribute programme in memory of the late Peter Klatzow (1945-2021). A composer of enormous talent, a brilliant and dedicated teacher, and a presenter on this station for many years, Klatzow's contribution to music in South Africa and…
20 Jan 2022 1 hr 58 min

Out of the Shadow – The Peace Trees of Hiroshima

Out of the Shadow – The Peace Trees of Hiroshima is an audio drama written by Karien Polley, and presented by Polley Productions. Among its themes are survivors' guilt, collective responsibility, reconciliation and world peace. It was first broadcast on FMR on 16 December, the day of reconciliation. In 1975…
16 Dec 2020 56 min