Darren's Decade

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They’ve influenced him and he’s influenced them and without each other, Darren’s Decade at East Coast Radio would’ve looked very different. Have you ever wanted to really get inside the mind of Darren Maule and listen to him open up about his past? This incredibly powerful 10-part podcast series will document Darren's journey as he sits down with the people who have seen him through the best and worst times in his life.

You're guaranteed to find yourself feeling amused, emotional, curious, intrigued and so much more when you join Darren in conversation with his charismatic guests.

Don't miss out on this exclusive 10-part podcast series in celebration of Darren's Decade at East Coast Radio.

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Anna Banana ask Darren 73 Questions

It's been a little over two months since the most beautiful couple, basically KZN's couple, tied the knot in the most intimate wedding. There was no way we were going to have the podcast series happen without having Anna Banana on one of them.

We obviously cannot equate their marriage using this one podcast, but when you truly listen to this podcast, you will experience the playful nature of their relationship from the moment they begin speaking. They use the popular Vogue '75 Questions' format and Darren has to answer them in lightning speed.

"What is your most favourite thing I have ever said to you? she asks in one of the many questions.

This podcast will give you some insight into the person Darren Maule is beyond the mic.

Darren's favourite films, books, food, music, interviews, and everything personal that has to do with Darren Maule is covered.

In between the interview you will hear and experience the atmosphere of their home - Mouse also gets a little word in.

You also get to learn about Darren's firsts - like that his first car was a Toyota Corolla.

So, who would Darren choose between Sky and Keri?

One-on-one moments for this student and his teacher - Mike V

He is an award-winning radio presenter for our Early Breakfast show, Mike V and also the desk-driver for Darren, Keri and Sky.
Full circle moments happen in like 10 years, like with Darren's Decade having honed his radio skill but Mike he has been able to work with Darren Maule after hearing about the vacancy when he started on campus radio.

Take a listen to the burning questions he gets to ask the Darren as someone who learns so much from working with him daily.

'Is Darren a breakfast radio diva?' Let his boss answer that question

The year that Darren Maule celebrated two years as a presenter on East Coast Radio's breakfast show, a new Programming Manager arrived at the station.

When Darren and Zane chat in this podcast, you are immediately aware of the respect, passion, and attention to detail that he and the boss have for the radio craft.

Zane Derbyshire had been in the radio industry for a commendable 13 years. His initial rating of Darren's show and his then-team scored a sad one-star, especially because of the the team's lack of experience in radio.

But it took a turn when Darren was open to learning and to some constructive criticism. There was also a space for authenticity and a little less 'traditional radio' and rather playful artistry - considering Darren had backgrounds in both acting and comedy.

This, together with years of practice every weekday morning, inevitably accelerated Darren and his team to snatching that well-deserved Breakfast Show award.

Ok, yes, you are wondering if there has been drama in Zane's journey managing the Darren Maule from the very beginning in 2013 until his current peak in 2021...

How did Darren Maule get hired? (Naveen Singh)

We speak to Naveen Singh, the programming manager of East Coast Radio back in 2011 when they were looking for a new presenter for the breakfast show.

Nobody really knew how it would work out but he loved Darren's storytelling ability. From 0 seconds you can tell that Darren and Naveen Sign are not just mere former colleagues but lifelong friends. They laugh, they rewind back to Darren Maule's first time on-air and to the stories of Darren before his sobriety.

Darren's unofficial son of comedy - Schalk Bezuidenhout

We all know the award-winning comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout for his funny skits, his colourful sweaters, and wild hair. He has been on the South African comedy scene for quite some time and Darren Maule happened to be there right at the beginning in 2011.

In the podcast below, they travel back to the first time they met, which was backstage at one of the many comedy shows Joe Parker hosted.

You will learn that when Schalk was new to the game, Darren was the most warm comedian of all the established comedians he met. This inevitably lead to the name 'Papa Dad', which emulates their mentor-mentee and father-son relationship.

All that you have always wondered about the comedy scene may be clearer after listening to Darren and Schalk's conversation.

Here's one: Do you know what a 'death' in comedy means?

Darren's years in the entertainment industry tops 20 years and in those years he has been able to be an inspiration to acclaimed artists like Schalk Bezuidenhout.

#DarrensDecade on East Coast Radio fits right into those amazing years. He has shared his talent, puns, and quirky energy with you every morning since 2011.

Joey Rasdien, Darren's old time comedy friend shares all about Darren

The first thing Joey Rasdien does is congratulate his friend on being a newly-wed. You can tell that Darren and Joey go way back in how light their conversation kicks off. They then go down memory lane.

Rasdien shares that he vividly remembers the moment that Darren got the radio gig at East Coast Radio back in 2011. He had been in Durban shortly after that year for a comedy show and was invited on the show as a guest.

We can say that Joey was one of the few people who foresaw the longevity of Darren's career as a radio personality because in that one interview, he witnessed and was convinced of Darren's dedication to this craft.

In this podcast, you will learn that Darren is such a talented artist. You will also get a sense of how comedy looked back in the 90s and early 2000s.

They reminisce in having long sessions talking and helping each other through life and the obstacles they each faced. And you will hear it in how this chat almost does not end - they could go on for a while.

You can sense their history in this one long chat and will love hearing Darren look back at the kind of energy he had in the arts industry then and he now has in the radio industry.

There are important lessons Darren has learnt in the radio industry and you'll be surprised to hear him admit some things.

The most heartwarming interview: The Mouse

Darren will always emphasise that if there's one thing he has gotten absolutely right in this lifetime, it is his daughter Mouse.

We have heard of F1, Anna, quantum physics, comedy, and many more things and people that Darren adores, but none of them tower over his number one - Mouse. In this podcast, we will see Darren as we have never seen him before as Mouse asks him all the questions she has ever wanted to ask.

You will pick up the intimacy of the father-daughter relationship from the first few seconds of the interview.

Mouse kicks it off with questions that shine a light on Darren's biggest fear(s). The list happens to be lengthy and it is quite "deep", as Mouse calls it.

You also get to hear Darren honestly share the one thing he wishes to change about himself. Mouse is blown away by her dad's answers and you probably will be, too.

7 episodes