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Episodes 1-9 of "Making A Runner": a specialist running podcast, for runners by runners.

As the name suggests, this podcast takes a deep dive into the world of running and explores the every day trials and tribulations that runners face in their pursuit of personal best times and running highs!

@Nic_theBio and @Daveyontherun host thought provoking, insightful and inspiring conversations with world-class athletes, coaches, subject matter experts and every day enthusiast to present you with the latest and greatest on offer in the world of running.

This is how runners are made…

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Episode 9 - Making a runner against all odds with LIV2RUN

Lindi (founder of LIV2RUN), Coach Beckham & Coach Sinovuyo aka. “The Bullet” are paving the road to a better future for 100’s of children by using running as a vehicle for change and “common unity”.

All 3 of them are passionate & talented runners who have decided their life’s work to passing on their gifts.

They live & work at the LIV Village & surrounds. LIV village is a dedicated place of safety that cares for orphaned, abused & vulnerable children. They provide home in the form of cluster foster care, education with a school established on site & access to extra mural activities & skills development to enrich their lives - there are currently 180 children who call LIV Village home.

Sinovuyo, is a rising trail running star & one of the athletes who has successfully come through the LIV2RUN program. His story is beautifully told in the short film “Gijima”.

Listen & be inspired.

Episode 8 - Making a Comrades Marathon Legend with Barry Holland

Some intro’s are better left to the pro’s - so we’ll hand over to 9 x Comrades Marathon Winner, Bruce Fordyce, to tell you more about what you can expect to learn from Barry Holland.

“Barry’s greatest achievements have not been his own. Literally dozens of runners have achieved their own goals and dreams in running because of the firm and guiding hand of Barry Holland. It is as a coach, mentor and amateur running psychologist that Barry has made his greatest contribution; it is for his caring attitude that he is best known in the South African world of running.”

Episode 7 - Making a runner from the feet up with Nelfrie Kemp

Nelfrie is a podiatrist, not a foot doctor but a health professional that specialises in the form & function of the feet. Her passion lies in biomechanics, ie. how you move.

We typically pay very little attention to our feet when it comes to training & conditioning, but it is our feet that make contact with the ground and determine what happens next as we move up the kinetic chain.

You can imagine that the shoes we choose to run in have a massive impact on our success and injury incidence. But what about our everyday shoe wear? And then there’s the controversial subject of barefoot running.

Listen and gain insight on these topic & more.

Episode 6 - Making an ultra-distance champion with Prodigal Khumalo.

Prodigal Khumalo is a 2 x Comrades Marathon Gold Medalist, turned competitive trail runner, who won the UTCT 100km on his first attempt at trail racing.

But Prodigal is so much more than the sum of his accomplishments - he is a humble athlete, dedicated mentor & founder of the Orcas Academy. This episode is jam-packed with wisdom & insights into his life’s work.

Listen & be inspired, this is an episode with HEART.

Episode 5 - Coaching a Runner: Catching Up with Nic & Davey

There are many ways to make a runner, and with technology being what it is today, you have tons of information on the subject of running readily available at your finger tips.

However, running is different for everyone and therefore every runner will respond differently to different training approaches - and then there are the universal truths that apply to everyone, like, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Listen as Nic and Davey catch up - from Comrades training progress, to tips on the best way to improve your running (without necessarily becoming any fitter), to biomechanics, and the particulars of the running gait cycle... They discuss it all - plus, you’re sure to have a laugh at Davey trying to make sense of Nic’s Biokinetics talk.

Episode 3 - Making a Runner with a Disability - In Conversation with Sean Clarke

Running the Comrades Marathon is a lifetime achievement many dream of, but few achieve. It’s a grueling process that requires unwavering commitment and an above average pain threshold, both of which Sean Clarke has in excess.

He also has a leg that doesn’t function from the knee down. Every step is painful and without the right equipment Sean can barely walk afterwards.

Why endure this madness? How is it even possible? Listen and be inspired by Sean’s story of overcoming disability with the power of positive intention.
Sean Clarke on Instagram

Episode 2 - Making an Olympic Runner with Neheng Khatala & Coach Andrew Booyens

“The love of running that you social runners speak of doesn’t’s a job”, says Olympic Coach Andrew Booyens.

Neheng Khatala is a Lesotho born athlete from humble beginnings, when her fathers battle with cancer left her with no other option but to abandon her schooling and enter the South African job market, running became her solace and eventually what secured her future.

Listen and find out how Olympic runners are made and why you could be over complicating the art of training.

Episode 1 - Meet Your Hosts: Nic and Davey

If you love running and, we mean LOVE, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this first episode of Making a Runner, you’ll get to know your hosts, coach and athlete combo, @Nic_theBio and @Daveyontherun.

A conversation that will leave you feeling like you’ve known them for years; they unpack how it all began (Davey slipped into the DM’s, of course) and how with the guidance of Nic, who is a Biokineticist and Running Coach, even a non-athlete (as Davey described himself in his school years) managed to become a competitive runner with a personal best Marathon time of 2:45…and counting.

This is how runners are made.
Making A Runner on Instagram

9 episodes