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Margo Fargo

My salary was big, but I was unhappy.
10 Jun 18 min

Diego Rex

An injury crashed my soccer dreams.
10 Jun 22 min

Dr Alina Ntsiapane

Animals don’t follow instructions – it makes my job interesting.
10 Jun 15 min

Carissa Jonker

It is easy to freak out, but you can always make a plan
7 Mar 10 min

Adri Mentz

Physiotherapists do not enjoy hurting people, honestly
7 Mar 12 min

Danie Jacobs

Self-employment and micro-businesses are the future of work.
7 Dec 2023 16 min

Sebabatso Tsaoane

I was diagnosed early because I was already in the healthcare system.
7 Dec 2023 17 min
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