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The Celeb Savant show is a weekly entertainment show hosted by Barret Edelstein. Each week we will have long-form career retrospective type interviews with celebrities namely, singers, actors and industry experts.
APVA Awards 2023 - nominated as The Best Entertainment/Lifestyle Podcast
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Interview with Robert dos Santos

South African, Robert dos Santos, left his career as a lawyer at the age of 30 to follow his passion to become an international award-winning director. We unpack his journey, specifically his collaboration on the ‘Planet Theta’ project. Website - www.robertdossantos.com Instagram - @rob_dos It Was Us TV Commercial -…
20 Feb 28 min

Interview with Stacey Jackson

American/Canadian-born, London-based singer, songwriter, and television presenter... Stacey Jackson is welcomed back to the Celeb Savant podcast. This time, Stacey discusses her upcoming album release, world tour and the launch of her first book, 'How A Gangsta Rapper Made Me A Better Mom'. Website - www.staceyjackson.com Instagram - @staerox Facebook…
18 Feb 27 min

Interview with Raf Don

Raf Don - South African artist, producer, songwriter and model - joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. We hear how he got his stage name, and how he started his career as a professional dancer, which resulted in him branching out successfully in other areas in the entertainment…
15 Feb 20 min

Interview with Sbu Malawyer

With over 25 years in the industry, South African singer, songwriter, entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Sbu Malawyer joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. We hear how he started as a session musician for the likes of Yvonne Chaka Chaka, as a backing vocalist for Chico Twala, and the…
13 Feb 23 min

Interview with Travis George

Singer, actor and Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Travis George, joins us from South Wales on this episode of Celeb Savant. Travis explains how as a child, performing helped him as a coping mechanism for his autism, how BGT has given him the confidence to believe that he could make it…
11 Feb 30 min

Interview with John Black (Co-Founder of Muzos)

British artist manager and industry expert, John Black is welcomed back to the Celeb Savant podcast. John updates us on what he has coming up with the various artists he manages, and about the music loyalty platform that he co-founded, Muzos. Muzos Website - https://www.muzos.xyz Web version of App -…
8 Feb 25 min

Interview with Psylin

A multi-faceted South African musician, skilled in both drum and bass music production and live drumming, Psylin is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Psylin explains his journey in the music world, how he is busy innovating a new way to perform live, and more. Website - www.bernbouwer.co.za…
6 Feb 19 min

Interview with Purrbox

‘A kaleidoscope of musical madness’ is how South African trash pop duo, Purboxx, describe themselves. The duo - consisting of Joshua Rogers and Anika Reinecke - join us on this episode of Celeb Savant. We hear how they decided to create the band after a drunken night out, their creative…
4 Feb 18 min

Interview with Moon Walker

We head to New York for this episode of Celeb Savant, as we are joined by rock singer, songwriter, producer and musician Moon Walker. We hear how he chose the name Moon Walker, how he nagged his parents to get him a guitar at the age of 10, which led…
1 Feb 30 min

Interview with Ananya

Currently based in London, Zimbabwean-born and raised singer, musician and songwriter, Ananya is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Ananya grew up learning to write songs and discovered its healing nature, which led to her following her passion and launching a successful music career. Instagram - @ananyamakesmusic Facebook…
30 Jan 13 min

Interview with INViDA

With a successful career in engineering - working with the likes of Norah Jones, Yoko Ono and others... plus writing and producing for other artists, American artist INViDA decided to successfully create dance music and perform as a DJ. Travel through his musical journey on this episode of Celeb Savant…
28 Jan 21 min

Interview with Garth Field

You ‘Can’t Stop until you Get Enough’, as we dive into the Michael Jackson HIStory Tribute concert with the lead, Garth Field. Garth tells us how he came into Showtime Australia’s radar to be hired as Michael Jackson for the show, all the behind scenes elements that create the show,…
25 Jan 13 min

Interview with Youngr

Youngr - a British singer, songwriter, musician and producer - joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. We hear how he got the name Youngr, how having Kid Creole from Kid Creole and the Coconuts as his father allowed him to grow up to realise a successful career in…
23 Jan 21 min

Interview with 360

We head down under to Australia on this episode of Celeb Savant, as we are joined by Australian rapper, 360. We hear where the name 360 comes from, what rap battles are, and how he created a successful career in music after starting out in these battles as a teenager…
21 Jan 23 min

Interview with Maurette Brown Clark

Chart-topping, Stellar award-winning and Dove award nominee, American gospel singer and songwriter - Maurette Brown Clark is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Maurette explains that after university she had the car, job and boyfriend... but she had a hole in her heart, so she decided to follow…
18 Jan 22 min

Interview with Sol Romero

On this episode of Celeb Savant... Mexican/Swiss actress, singer and songwriter, Sol Romero joins us from London. Sol tells us how she started her career in the industry at the age of 16 as a body double for Eva Mendes in ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’ - which led…
16 Jan 14 min

Interview with Patricia Kelly

With a multi-platinum and award-winning career as part of The Kelly Family and as a solo artist, Patricia Kelly joins us from Germany on this episode of Celeb Savant. Patricia explains how at the age of 5 she used to get upset that her family would leave her when they…
14 Jan 23 min

Interview with Snap!

You will have ‘The Power’, as we are joined on this episode of Celeb Savant from Germany by Penny Ford from the Eurodance group, Snap! Penny explains her journey in the entertainment business, and how she came to be part of the group, which led to multi-decade success in the…
11 Jan 18 min

Interview with Rozalla

‘Everybody’s free (to feel good)’ according to Zambia/Zimbabwean born and raised, and UK-based dance singer and songwriter, Rozalla. Rozalla tells us that her first television appearance was at the age of 10 in Zambia, which led her to ultimately pursue her multi-decade successful career in the music industry. Instagram -…
9 Jan 20 min

Interview with Alex Jay

With over 40 years’ experience in the media industry - South African DJ, club DJ, MC, voice over artist and television presenter, Alex Jay, joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. Alex tells us why he still loves DJing, the difference between being on live radio and being a…
7 Jan 15 min
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