Mid-Morning Empowerment

Your mid-morning brunch time show offers an in-depth study of the core
fundamental beliefs of the SDA church, empowering devotions, deconstructing
of some thought-provoking - and sometimes confusing - texts, live music
requests, as well as a parenting feature covering all to do with raising a godly
child. Presented by Zanele Zama, Mid-Morning Empowerment is sure to keep
you company during your mid-morning.
Weekly English South Africa Christianity · Kids & Family
403 Episodes
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Daily Focus | Avoiding Legalism Elder Jonathan Yamba

Legalism, characterized by a rigid adherence to religious rules and regulations, and self-righteousness, marked by a prideful reliance on one's own efforts for salvation, stand in stark contrast to the liberating truth of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. In this exploration, we delve into the perils of…
15 May 21 min

Boys Bunker | Godly Goals and Pursuing Them Pastor E. Matongo

In the journey of faith and personal growth, setting godly goals and pursuing them stands as a foundational practice for boys, guiding them towards spiritual maturity and alignment with God's purposes. Whether it's in their academic pursuits, personal development, relationships, or service to others, setting godly goals provides boys with…
15 May 24 min

Daily Focus | Importance of Works in Demonstrating Faith Elder Jonathan Yamba

The relationship between faith and works is a central theme in Christian theology, drawing from the teachings of the Bible and the writings of theologians throughout history. While salvation is by grace through faith alone, good works are often seen as the natural outflow and evidence of genuine faith. In…
14 May 31 min

God’s Girls | Kindness and Christian Service Sr. Lydia Chaandwe

For girls, engaging in acts of kindness and Christian service not only enriches their own spiritual growth but also extends the hands and heart of Jesus to those in need. From simple acts of kindness in their daily interactions to intentional acts of service in their communities and beyond, girls…
14 May 18 min

Making Men | Spiritual Disciplines Pastor E. Matongo

In the pursuit of spiritual growth and deepening their relationship with God, many men turn to incorporating spiritual disciplines into their lives. From fasting to Bible study and beyond, these disciplines serve as pathways to draw closer to God, cultivate faithfulness, and develop spiritual maturity. Join the conversation.
13 May 20 min

Boys Bunker | Understanding the Spirit Pastor Sepiso Dickson

In this exploration, we embark on a journey to unravel the multifaceted nature of the Holy Spirit's role in the life of a Christian boy. We delve into the Scriptures to uncover the rich tapestry of insights regarding the Holy Spirit's attributes, functions, and interactions with humanity. Unpack with us.
8 May 19 min

God’s Girls | Modesty and Fashion Shepherdess Namushi Mutoya

In Christian perspectives, modesty and fashion for girls are often intertwined with broader values of faith, self-respect, and respect for others. While interpretations may vary among different Christian denominations and individual beliefs, there are some common themes. Join the conversation.
7 May 22 min

Daily Focus | Identity Challenges Pastor Walter Utete

Living out one's identity in Christ can indeed be challenging, particularly in a world where values and priorities often clash with those of Christianity. However, there are several strategies and practices that can help believers navigate these challenges and remain steadfast in their faith.
2 May 13 min

Daily Focus | Identity vs. Roles Pastor Walter Utete

While roles are important and necessary for functioning in society and fulfilling responsibilities, they should not overshadow or dictate one's identity. Instead, one's identity in Christ should serve as the primary source of self-understanding and purpose, informing how they approach and fulfil their various roles in life. Unpack these perspectives…
1 May 10 min

Boys Bunker | Navigating Entertainment Choices Pastor Robert Ngorima

Social media and entertainment platforms often contain content that promotes harmful behaviours, such as violence, substance abuse, and promiscuity. Boys may be influenced by this content and tempted to imitate what they see, leading to negative consequences in their lives. Join the conversation.
1 May 15 min

Daily Focus | Understanding Identity Pastor Walter Utete

In general, identity refers to how someone defines themselves, including their beliefs, values, roles, and sense of self. In the context of Christianity, identity often encompasses one's relationship with God and how that shapes every aspect of their life.
29 Apr 10 min

Making Men | Cultural Engagement Pastor Robert Ngorima

By embodying Christ-like values, serving others, advocating for justice, being a positive influence, supporting others, engaging in the arts and media, and praying for cultural transformation, Christian men can make a meaningful and positive impact on the culture around them. Let’s unpack the how of it all.
29 Apr 13 min

Mid-Morning Chat | Your Life – an Evangelism Tool

Think of evangelism in light of life's journeys. Personal evangelism is simply the privilege of entering into the spiritual journey of another person, discovering how God is at work, and the role that we can play. It sounds so simple in theory. Why do so many of us find it…
28 Apr 26 min

Family of Faith | Forgiveness and Reconciliation Pastor John Kamedi

Teaching the importance of forgiveness within the family is crucial for fostering healthy relationships, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth. By prioritizing forgiveness within the family, parents foster an environment of love, reconciliation, and spiritual growth that strengthens relationships and nurtures emotional well-being. Let’s talk about it.
26 Apr 24 min

Daily Focus | Contemporary Challenges Pastor Kennedy

Navigating evangelism in a pluralistic and secular society indeed presents unique challenges for Christians. Today, we will discuss how Christians can navigate these challenges while still remaining true to their beliefs. Join the conversation.
24 Apr 25 min

Daily Focus | Methods of Evangelism Pastor Kennedy Mukuka

Evangelism involves sharing the message of the gospel with others, and there are various approaches to doing so. Let's explore some of these approaches, along with their effectiveness and ethical considerations. Join the conversation.
23 Apr 18 min
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