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Last Call is a show centered around the female listener and her experiences. Both Thomas & Skhumba provide a space for the ladies to breath out their concerns, experiences and joys with music as the sounding board for their thoughts. It is a playful & engaging space which celebrates the code switcher woman and all her experiences.

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PILLOW TALK: Sex toys.

We know that the Kaya family is kinky. How kinky are you? Are you open to try sex toys with yourself or in your relationship. The two kings give their stance on sex toys.
Kaya 959

WINE O'CLOCK: "You've had one too many."

Kaya family, we love taking our favourite people out, to drink or hang around and drink together. Now you know their tendancies when they've had one too many, you start seeing a change in behaviour.

How do you tell them they had one too many without being rude or offeinsive?
Kaya 959

PILLIOW TALK: Do not disturb!

You know that sometimes television can consume us, especially when it comes to our favourite programmes - it even gets to the point of you getting annoyed when you're disturbed.

We are getting to hear what programs make you grumpy even for your partner or your kids.
Kaya 959

WINE O'CLOCK: Friends that don't buy, pay or bring alcohol.

Wine O'clock, let's wine about it, Kaya family! We all have friends that we hang around with, visit and go out with, right? And it's almost impossible to go to the end of the story with having a 'but' somewhere.
We enjoy the company of our circles but there is always that friend that won't buy, pay for or bring alcohol at any point of our enjoyment. To top it all off, they also get to leave with the leftovers.
Who is that friend?
We're name dropping on this episode.
Kaya 959

LOVE BACK: Trouble in paradise.

Our caller has a problem with his partner, and she won't listen to what he has to say. They're in a young relationship but they are already coming across problems.

He says they had a misunderstanding about a photo he posted on Whatsapp which left her suspicious, which led her to ask for some time out of the relationship.

Our caller just wants some clarity on where they stand but above all things, he wants their relationship to really work out.
Kaya 959

BATTLE OF THE SEXES: Skhumba'c concoction.

Quiz Night! This has to be one of the funniest episodes of Battle Of The Sexes.

Skhumba got to write the questions and... this was both funny and tough-ish but it was supposed to be easy because most of the questions were based on Africa.
Kaya 959

LOVE BACK: Dimakatso's virtuous wait.

Dimakatso is a thirty-year-old woman, and she parks her car on the side just to ask for assistance in looking for love.
She is hard working, focused and sounds intelligent, especially for her age.
She exercises on of her virtues as she waits for a Mandla she has chosen for herself.
Kaya 959

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