Smile FM Angel's Angels

Angel's Angels

For the first time in radio in South Africa, we are delving deep into the
psyche of women. In a new completely unscripted feature, Smile 90.4FM
have brought together four women from different life stages, experiences
and insights into life, all sharing their thoughts and opinions. Angel’s Angels
is a daily feature on the Smile drive on Smile 90.4FM every afternoon at

Always fun and very irreverent, this is the omnibus of Angel's Angels.

No men allowed!
Weekly English South Africa Comedy · Relationships Narrated by Mel Jones, Tumi Mkha, Kate Pinchuk
33 Episodes
1 – 20

Angels Angel Podcast_Vasectomy and Birth control.

On this episode of Angel's angels we talk contraceptive options. Would you trust a man to take a male contraceptives? What's your take on vasectomy Movies that were traumatising as a child.
20 Jan 21 min

Angels Angel Podcast_Christmas traditions

On this episode of Angel's angels chat about their Christmas traditions celebration. Christmas movies, food and views, drinks and family time. Food in your teeth. Women making decisions
13 Jan 19 min

Angels Angel Podcast_Season 20 (Tinder)

How long have you ever gone without bathing? On today's episode, the angels discover the world's dirtiest man. Hair regime, is washing your hair actually good for your hair. Kate's tinder love story leads to a surprise wedding.
1 Nov 2022 17 min
1 – 20