Smile FM Angel's Angels

Angel's Angels

For the first time in radio in South Africa, we are delving deep into the
psyche of women. In a new completely unscripted feature, Smile 90.4FM
have brought together four women from different life stages, experiences
and insights into life, all sharing their thoughts and opinions. Angel’s Angels
is a daily feature on the Smile drive on Smile 90.4FM every afternoon at

Always fun and very irreverent, this is the omnibus of Angel's Angels.

No men allowed!
Weekly English South Africa Comedy · Relationships Narrated by Mel Jones, Tumi Mkha, Kate Pinchuk
62 Episodes
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Angels Angels_Tiny Homes

On today's episode of Angel's angels, we talk about birthdays & Kate's Covid. Anniversaries & tiny homes and double story shacks, yes they exist.
16 Feb 16 min

Angel and Her Boyfriend's 1st Date

On today's episode of Angel's angels We talk about Angel finally having a boyfriend, from matching on a dating app all the way to their first date.
22 Dec 2023 16 min

Angels Angels_Irrational knife fear

On today's episode of Angel's angels we talk about Tumi's fears of anything sharp and her fear for snakes. Mel Prepares to Go On the Skin Renewal Diet
24 Nov 2023 15 min

Angels Angels_Angel gets rejected

On Angel's angels, we go deeper in our weird/unusual places to have sex but we also talk about the most romantic places. Angel gets rejected by a guy she's been talking to for almost a month.
3 Nov 2023 15 min

Angels Angels_Oldest thing in your backyard

On Angel's Angels we do some question and interesting answers; Like how Nachos got their name and what ladybirds have that humans can only dream of. Turi's baby got a half birthday cake.
23 Oct 2023 29 min

Angels Angels_Pettiest thing you've done to an ex

On Angel's angels We talk about being petty to ex and Kate getting dumbed for being funnier than a guy. The moment you get to the age when you mother had you. Would you survive being on survivor
20 Oct 2023 33 min

Angels Angels_Fighting and Dubbing

Angel's angel talk about how Social media has put everyone on the same level. Angel fights for alcohol and Kate wants to fight a man twice her size. Tumi dubs in Zulu but can't speak it.
17 Oct 2023 26 min

Beauty therapy and cooking

What happens during when giving birth? Tumi only uses vaseline for her skin care routine. Kate cooks like a man, is cooking a woman thing? Would you marry for love or for money.
8 Sep 2023 17 min
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