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What deserves a better name?

It turns out that there are lots of things that our listeners feel are badly named. Just a warning - we can't always control moments when Lindy gets a bit unhinged.
16 Mar 8AM 2 min

A new name for Spray and Cook

Lindy felt inspired to add to the English language with a much more descriptive name for something she uses every day. Warnings would have been helpful though. 
16 Mar 8AM 2 min

Bobby give Gen Z lingo a bash

Did you know that a native English speaking person has learned about 20 000 words by the age of 20? With language constantly evolving there are new words being added to our lexicon all the time. Bobby found himself trying to interpret Gen Z lingo. Do you know what he's…
16 Mar 7AM 1 min

A.I. and job security in the tech sector

There's a lot of uncertainty around job security in the tech sector with the emergence of artificial intelligence. Bobby takes a closer look in his iSmile Report.
15 Mar 5AM 3 min

The great dishwasher debate

Occasionally we catch wind of domestic disputes in our listeners' homes and we try to solve them. The Smile Breakfast Courtoom has tackled issues before - the granadilla gate scandal of 2020; the kitchen wars of 2022, and now the great dishwasher debate of 2023.
15 Mar 5AM 3 min

Lindy puts her husband to the test

Do you expect your romantic partner to know everything about you? Maybe that's unrealistic but there are a few things that you'd expect them to be able to answer with truth. Lindy put her husband Peter to the test.
15 Mar 4AM 2 min

A pasta incident in Lindy's relationship

Lindy recently found out how important communication with one's partner is. So important that (and quite specific) that she had to implement a rule to "label pasta that the child has played with". The pasta in question was dubbed "siffaroni".
14 Mar 7AM 4 min

Bobby's relationship test

Smile Breakfast recently got talking about rules for a happy relationship. Bobby thinks before any rules are put in place it's best to know your partner first. So he devised a plan to test his partner Nicky and tried to find out how well she actually knows him. 
14 Mar 7AM 2 min

Five actors who sang their own theme song

It's Oscars weekend and Smile FM is celebrating hits from the movies. Lindy brings you her top 5 songs from artists who sang the theme for the movie they starred in.
10 Mar 4AM 5 min

The naughty pets of Cape Town

Having a spoiled pet is one thing, but when they get up to mischief it's another story all together. Smile Breakfast wanted to find out about some of the naughtiest things that Cape Town's pets have done.
9 Mar 1AM 3 min

Pablo's hippos are a big problem

Lindy picked up on a story about Pablo Escobar's exotic pets. The infamous drug lord's legacy seems to include a hippo problem in South America.
9 Mar 1AM 2 min

Bobby loves canned goods a bit too much

To be fair we all have some quirks that we all think nobody else has. Bobby spoke about something he does that left the team a bit green around the gills.
7 Mar 2AM 1 min

Yes you're probably the only one

Our listeners spoke about all the habits they have to try and find out if there's anyone else that does the same thing. We heard it all from memorising number plates to rearranging peoples fridges and taking phone calls in unusual ways.
7 Mar 2AM 2 min

A story of a parent's perseverance and love

The Smile Breakfast team spoke about a viral story of a woman in China who divorced her husband after he refused to sell their home to pay for their son's lifesaving treatment. We got a call from a listener who had been in an almost identical situation.
6 Mar 3AM 5 min

When words betray you

The team spoke about times people misspeak. When your second language fails and while you're angry it's something to behold. And please...always double check your messages before you send them.
3 Mar 6AM 1 min

Ronan Keating talks to Smile Breakfast

Ahead of his visit to South Africa, Smile Breakfast caught up with Ronan Keating. With 30 years in music behind and still going strong, Cape Town can't wait for his return to Kirstenbosch on Friday 3 March (on his birthday!). We spoke to him about his love for South African…
2 Mar 12AM 10 min

Stuart Taylor's new show 'Laughable'

Comedian Stuart Taylor popped into the Smile Breakfast studio for a chat. He has a new show at Artscape called Laughable. Stuart says the show's a bit of reflection on the last 3 years and his attempt to find the funny in everything that happened.
28 Feb 1AM 2 min

Forgive the second language mishaps

So we heard about times people misspeak both verbally and on text, but when your second language fails you it's an whole other story.
27 Feb 4AM 2 min
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