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She’s Next?

Vusi Fele joins the conversation to share more on Absa's She’s Next programme, poised to support women-owned small businesses and champion meaningful impact across the country.
14 Mar 12 min

So what does a suboptimal sleep environment feel like?

Charlie shines insight into how a suboptimal sleep environment could pose a tangible risk to your overall health. He’ll also share a couple of tips on how we could eliminate the culprits behind bedroom allergy and asthma attacks.
4 Mar 18 min

1000 new permanent jobs for SA's youth?

Adjoa Ayivor shares how they got it right to catalyse a sustainable outcome-led job creation initiative, into 1000 permanent jobs for unemployed youths across South Africa’s most vulnerable communities.
25 Jan 13 min

What is SA craving?

Daniele Joubert shares key findings stemming from the release of the Uber Eats Annual Cravings Report - looking into the most popular; the most unusual, and some of the most unique orders that have occurred on the platform for 2023.
24 Jan 8 min

MCQP returns for a blast from the past!

Ronen Klugman gives us the scoop on their hushed plans to whisk you and me away on a whimsical journey at South Africa's premier costume celebration: the Mother City Queer Project!
28 Sep 2023 10 min

Is transcending the limitations of religion possible?

Aida is set to share insight on how you could overcome some of life’s toughest challenges, by tapping into a couple of alternative healing methodologies. This week, Aida shares insight on whether it's possible, to transcend the limitations of religion to form a broader view of who we are.
27 Jul 2023 15 min

Is inequality man-made?

Mia Malan fleshes out whether inequality is indeed man-made, as well as how social inequity circumvents access to healthcare for marginalized groups across SA.
4 Jul 2023 13 min
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