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Tech Tuesday with Theunis- AI, be weary of fake News!

In this week's tech chat with Theunis... AI can be incredibly beneficial, but we have to stay alert as it's making its way into our news feeds, feeding us fake news to the benefit of big companies and websites…
23 May 4 min

Tech Tuesday with Theunis! Next-Gen Solar Panels

Next Gen Solar panels have arrived! Perovskite panels are causing a huge stir in the renewable energy sector, and Theunis Janse van Rensburg joins me to give us all the need-to-know deets for my Tech Talk Tuesday.
28 Mar 4 min

Tech Tuesday- Earths Layers, we know there is ONE MORE!

In my Tech Tuesday chat with Theunis from Bandwidth Blog: Scientists, with the help of some very high-tech equipment, have discovered....and this is big...a new layer within the core of our earth! This discovery could potentially alter the way we understood the makeup and forming and perhaps the inner workings…
14 Mar 3 min

Tech Tuesday with Theunis-Samsung AI Smart Oven

In this week's chat with Theunis Janse van Rensburg... It's out with the old and in with the new! Ovens are about to get a whole lot fancier...and Smarter! Samsung is pushing the envelope and they are introducing a Smart Oven that uses Artificial Intelligence and an internal camera. Needless…
7 Mar 3 min

Tech Tuesday with Theunis- Chat GPT- An AI Tsunami!

Chat GPT is on the lips of everyone at the moment with the rollout and applications thereof spread like wildfire, now to the point where it will be integrated into Microsofts' Edge browser and Bing search engine...and Google is worried! Theunis from Bandwidth Blog joins me in Studio!
21 Feb 4 min

Tech Tuesday with Theunis- Chat GPT, AI on another level!

Chat GPT has been making some serious waves in the tech field with its rather capable characteristics, write me an essay, no prob, do the math, no prob, got humour..of course! Theunis joins me in studio to unpack Chat GPT!
14 Feb 4 min

Tech Tuesday with Theunis- CES Part 2

Last week Theunis took us through some of the most innovative screen technology to come out of the consumer electronic show 2023, and now.... we heading into the kitchen…
17 Jan 4 min

Tech Tuesday with Theunis- CES Part 1

The CES or Consumer Electronics show is always a highlight at the beginning of the year unveiling some unbelievable, and sometimes simply mind-bending tech. Focusing on Some really 'Out There" screen tech, from roll-outs to foldable...Theunis lets us in on what we can look forward to…
10 Jan 5 min
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