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Fixing big things – how to get it done

A major part of fixing SA is about completing significant projects: roads, bridges, power stations and so on. These tasks are overseen by Rudi Dicks, head of project management in The Presidency.
8 Feb 25 min

An ethical vision for South Africa's future

'I believe that ethics is the cornerstone of any safe, just and prosperous society because, for society to prosper, you need people to get along with one another': Deon Rossouw, CEO of the Ethics Institute of South Africa.
25 Jan 25 min

Improving SA Education an imperative

On this week’s Fix SA: Basil Manuel a leading education figure in SA and Executive Director of the National Professional Teachers' Organisation of South Africa. We’ll look at what’s s not working in the system, deficits in teacher training, if the current curriculum supports the needs of a modern South…
11 Jan 25 min

To fix SA, ‘the devil is in the detail’

‘If you wait for something to be broken before you start fixing it, then you get exactly into the Eskom situation of not thinking ahead,’ says Max Price, a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town and author of Statues and Storms: Leading Through Change.
29 Nov 2023 28 min

Colin Coleman’s solutions for SA

It’s obvious what our common goal should be, says the former Goldman Sachs exec – get five million people into employment.
16 Nov 2023 27 min

What needs fixing in SA according to Bobby Godsell

‘We have a disconnected elite and the resulting polarisation, but my sense of everyday South Africans is they're getting on with their lives and with each other – and for the first time in my adult life business and government are working to fix tangible things, working to bridge the…
3 Nov 2023 27 min

South Africa, change is coming …

‘I see great success for a lot of young people. I don't think it'll be like a bolt of lightning and thunder, as you get on Joburg afternoons. Often, change is very incremental. As you drive, a tree was pretty naked and, the next thing you see, it's all purple…
20 Oct 2023 25 min

To fix SA we must accept that we need each other

We need to focus on getting the best out of everyone and everything we have, because anxiety develops if there's not enough, or if there’s a perception that there isn’t enough – and growing an economy isn’t about how you dish out the existing pie: Sandra du Toit, director at…
9 Oct 2023 28 min

The power of the arts in what has become ‘a bitter life for all’

Award-winning playwright and activist Mike van Graan reminds us that the arts helped topple apartheid – sparking boycotts, sanctions and disinvestment through humanising storytelling; by reaching people through theatre and song. But it’s not as simple as expecting the arts or sport to ‘magically deliver social cohesion’ today …
22 Sep 2023 32 min

SA needs a fix … community unity is key

Matt Hogarty, founder and co-director of the Love Howick NPC, speaks about how the organisation has become a catalyst in bringing people ‘together for transformation’ with the key objective of uniting the community for positive change. This approach he believes is vital in fixing urban and rural problems and suggests…
8 Sep 2023 22 min

From financial systems to social incusivity – How good governance can help fix SA SA

Chris Maroleng is Global Advisor and the SADC Executive Director of Good Governance Africa. In this Fix SA podcast, he looks at how effective governance ensures transparent, efficient, and accountable financial systems. How proper governance ensures that all citizens, regardless of their background, are treated fairly and equally and how…
25 Aug 2023 23 min

Righteous anger is okay - Moreo

Anglican Bishop of Johannesburg, Steve Moreo, speaks about the art of truly listening to others in a divided world, understanding the monumental impact of even the smallest actions, and explores the idea that righteous anger, when channelled correctly, can be a catalyst for transformative change.
25 Aug 2023 25 min

The role of good governance in rebuilding a nation

Chris Maroleng, global advisor and SADC Executive Director at Good Governance Africa, speaks about how effective governance ensures transparent, efficient and accountable financial systems; and, how fair practice, through transparency and accountability, can restore faith in public institutions.
11 Aug 2023 23 min

What's needed to fix 'brand South Africa'

Smaller countries in Africa like Rwanda, Mauritius and Botswana are successfully repositioning themselves, but we lack clarity about what South Africa is, what does South Africa stand for... We have in many ways not been able to define Brand South Africa, says local branding guru Thebe Ikalafeng.
28 Jul 2023 26 min

Be the best South African you can be

'I think we've got huge things to offer but that part of the problem is we have people who are greedy, who want to take everything for themselves; they don't want to actually share the riches of our country' – Nerine Kahn, former head of the CCMA and now MD…
14 Jul 2023 29 min

Zapiro poking holes in hypocrisy

Famed cartoonist Jonathan Shapiro, better known as Zapiro, talks about the importance of satire as means to getting things done, the role of activism in facilitating change, and how in a cartoon drawn years ago he warned of a Ramaphosa lame duck presidency.
30 Jun 2023 26 min

'More leadership, less hubris will fix SA'

Do not allow someone to stumble into leadership; leadership is the single biggest problem to fix in this country – Professor Jonathan Jansen, University of Stellenbosch.
2 Jun 2023 20 min

We are in a crisis moment – Justice Malala

'I think that it's becoming clearer to all of us just how deep our problems are now... I don't think we've left it too late. I think that this time of despair is the right time for us to say we can turn this thing around,' declares the journalist and…
19 May 2023 29 min
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