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The Celeb Savant show is a weekly entertainment show hosted by Barret Edelstein. Each week we will have long-form career retrospective type interviews with celebrities namely, singers, actors and industry experts.
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Interview with Undefyned

South African music and lyric composer, rapper, chanter, producer, vocalist and actress - Undefynd joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. We hear where the name and spelling of Undefynd comes from, how she started out as a backing vocalist until she decided to take the lead, and about…
28 Sep 15 min

Interview with Goldfish

Having left South Africa 7 years ago to live in San Diego for logistical reasons, David Poole and Dominic Peters from electronic duo Goldfish are the guests on this episode of Celeb Savant. They explain where the name Goldfish comes from, how they met, and why they decided to create…
25 Sep 45 min

Interview with Joy Denalane

Celeb Savant spoke with German singer and songwriter Joy Denalane, while she was in Johannesburg filming a music video. Joy explains that being in a girl group in the beginning helped her decide how she wanted to create music in the industry – by being authentic and understanding who you…
21 Sep 19 min

Interview with Jessica Mbangeni

Using her voice in song and poetry and her body in dance, South African composer, producer, singer, poet and entrepreneur Jessica Mbangeni joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. Jessica explains her journey in the industry as part of the Soweto Gospel Choir, which led to her being a…
19 Sep 15 min

Interview with Ray Slijngaard (2 Unlimited)

You better ‘Get Ready for This’, because there's ‘No Limit’ as Dutch rapper and musician Ray Slijngaard from Eurodance duo 2 Unlimited joins us on this episode of Celeb Savant. Ray and Barret discuss the nostalgia of the ‘90s... Ray explains that he never thought he would be an artist,…
17 Sep 26 min

Interview with Jill Saward (Shakatak)

Sardinia is our next destination as Celeb Savant sat down with Jill Saward from the UK jazz-funk band, Shakatak. Jill takes us on a multi-decade journey of being in the music industry, how she joined the band, and its longevity. Website - www.shakatak.com Facebook - @ShakatakUK Twitter - @SHAKATAK_UK
14 Sep 31 min

Interview with James Wilkinson

British musician, producer, manager and music supervisor, James Wilkinson is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. James tells us that he started playing the trumpet at age 11, why he chose such a loud instrument, and the difference between performing with an orchestra and as part of a…
11 Sep 32 min

Interview with Delta The Leo

Delta the Leo joins Celeb Savant live in studio. Delta explains how she taught herself to dance by watching television… which led to her becoming an international champion, how that journey then became a parallel path in creating music, where her name comes from, and how she plans to continue…
7 Sep 27 min

Interview with Amy Studt

British singer and songwriter Amy Studt is in the guest chair on this episode of Celeb Savant. Amy tells us about growing up in a musical family, starting writing songs at the age of 8, and recording her first album at the age of 12... which was passed on to…
4 Sep 29 min

Interview with Louis Prima Jr

New Orleans is the destination for this episode of Celeb Savant as Barret sits down with singer, musician and bandleader, Louis Prima Jr. Louis tells us that he initially did not think he was a good musician, how that changed from doing it for fun to being his career, taking…
31 Aug 22 min

Interview with Angelique Munyange

Celeb Savant sat down with South African raised, LA-based actress Angelique Munyange. Angelique explains her determination at the age of 16, that led her to move to LA at 19 to pursue a career in acting... and what it is about the craft grounds her as a person. Instagram -…
29 Aug 21 min

Interview with Belinda Davids

Who is your ‘Greatest Love of All’? Celeb Savant sat down with South African singer songwriter, Belinda Davids. Belinda explains how she discovered she could sing Whitney Houston songs at the age of 8, the difficulty in releasing her original music, and much more. Website - www.thegreatestloveofallshow.com Instagram - @greatestloveofallshow,…
27 Aug 20 min

Interview with Stino Le Thwenny

South African hip hop duo, Stino Le Thwenny, joins Celeb Savant on this episode of the podcast. The guys tell us how they fell in love with music, which paved the way for their 10 years creating music together… and we hear what their creative process is. Instagram - @Stino_Le_Thwenny…
24 Aug 18 min

Interview with John Black (co-founder of Muzos)

John Black, the co-founder of Muzos, is the exclusive guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. John tells us how he transitioned from creating websites in the oil industry, to doing it for artists in the entertainment industry - through to artist management. John dives into the Muzos world, and…
22 Aug 27 min

Interview with Stevel Marc

Seeing the pantomime each year as a child was the initial motivation for this episode’s guest - South African based actor, Stevel Marc - to join the entertainment world. Stevel tells us about being signed by his agent, and how a day later he was working on his first project……
20 Aug 27 min

Interview with Beckett McDowell

Seeing Elvis Presley on stage at the age of two was the inspiration for American singer and songwriter, Beckett McDowell, to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Beckett explains the difference between scoring a movie and writing music for an album, and how having a famous father - Malcolm…
17 Aug 20 min

Interview with Harpoon

Australian producer, DJ and record label curator Harpoon is the guest on this episode of Celeb Savant. Ryan Harper (AKA Harpoon) explains why he chose that alias, his creative process with remixing existing songs and creating original music and much more! Instagram - @harpoon_official_ Facebook - @harpoonmusic
16 Aug 25 min

Interview with Matt Weedon (Tors)

Having British guitar and music legend, Bert Weedon OBE, as a grandfather, led Matt Weedon to form Tors with his brother Theo and their friend Jack Bowden. Matt tells Celeb Savant why they chose the name Tors, why the brothers were initially scared to put themselves out there - so…
14 Aug 21 min

Interview with Rob Burrell (Mann Friday)

Zimbabwean based, Rob Burrell (from Mann Friday) has a quarter of a century in the music business! Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein speaks to him about where the name Mann Friday comes from, how an anaesthetist from the UK heard their demo and funded their first album, and how the next…
10 Aug 30 min

Interview with Lord Graham Russell (Air Supply)

Are you ‘Making Love out of Nothing at all’ because you are ‘All out of Love’? Celeb Savant spoke with Lord Graham Russell from Air Supply. Graham shares how the name Air Supply came to him in a dream, why the band keeps performing after decades in the industry, and…
7 Aug 29 min
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