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Umjolo and Sex

Umjolo & Sex is weekly podcast where desires run wild, and fantasies ignite. Join Lerato Sejake as she delves into the tantalising world of human intimacy, exploring untold tales of passion, pleasure, and everything in between. From sultry confessions to expert insights, this podcast leaves no taboo unturned.
Weekly English South Africa Sexuality · Self-Improvement
10 Episodes

Umjolo and Sex episode 10: The Recap

The final episode of Umjolo and Sex sees host Lerato Sejake, SNL24 AV Editor Laila Majiet and Daily Sun Content Manager Seabi Mogomane take a trip down memory-lane to recap some of their favourite moments from the season.
9 Nov 19 min

Umjolo and Sex episode 9: HIV and AIDS; Life, Love, Sex & Stigma

This week on Umjolo and Sex, Lerato explores the world of dating while living with HIV. Esteemed research specialist, Dr Edith Phalane from the University of Johannesburg, and NPO Good Stories SA founder, Thula Mhkize joins her for this important discussion.
1 Nov 36 min

Umjolo and Sex episode 7: Yoni steaming: What is it? Is it safe?

This week on Umolo and Sex, we’re focusing all our attention on the VULVA / PUNANI / KITTY KAT / VAGINA. Whatever you call your lady bits, we’ll look at the health benefits of vaginal steaming, where ladies can go to get this treatment done and how safe it is.
18 Oct 14 min

Umjolo and Sex episode 5: Sex Toys

This week on Umjolo and Sex, Lerato Sejake is joined by CEO of The Art of Intimacy, Leigh-Ann Patel to talk about why women should be using sex toys in the bedroom and unleash their inner goddess.
5 Oct 25 min

Umjolo and Sex episode 2: Defining infidelity

This week on Umjolo and Sex, host Lerato Sejake is joined by Shamiso Gusha, a registered counsellor with the Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) to talk about all things cheating and defining infidelity.
14 Sep 25 min