Come get unqualified solutions to your problems. The answers really are not good but they are definitely funny. Brought to you by Simmi and Ross
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Comedy · Self-Improvement
6 Episodes

Pelvic injuries, Crushes, Stalking and Crocs

The answer to prevent pelvic injuries, how to impress your crush, what is the difference between stalking and being romantic, know which gym to find love at and also..Crocs, you are not cool. These are the topics for today's episode
6 Feb 14 min

Uber drivers, Springbok Nude Girls and Ponzi scheme

Simmi and Ross give the best bad advice. Do your Uber drivers play the music too loud? Have you ever been catfished by the Springbok Nude Girls, Can't afford a boujee holiday? Set up a ponzi scheme!
26 Jan 10 min

Kissing at a Campsite, Roses, Lawyers letters and Office Romances

Simmi and Ross give you the worst advice possible. Do you want to kiss at a campsite? Would you ever buy 100 roses? Do you ever need a cease and desist letter delivered for a person who is spreading rumours? These are the type of conversations we are having!
18 Jan 9 min

Samoosa Runs, Taylor Swift and the Dating Pool

Some bad advice and some horrible singing. Listen to some bad advice about getting married on a samoosa run (Also find out what that is), sing along to Taylor with your girl, kidney stones, adoption and the dating pool.
11 Jan 11 min

Bridesmaids, Workplace romances and Flooding bathrooms

Simmi and Ross give you the worst answers to your biggest dilemmas. In this episode they speak about forever being the bridesmaid but never the bride, Muslim weddings, Kissing work people, flooding bathrooms and Air BnB’s, saving money by buy Indomie noodles.
18 Dec 2023 12 min

Hiking, Bumble, Heritage Day

Simmi and Ross give some really bad advice about hiking, bumble and heritage day. Thanks for sending us your problems and do not forget to never take these answers seriously because neither of the hosts take the questions seriously either.
4 Nov 2023 10 min