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Talking kak about our favourite childhood games! Nostalgia one cup at a time.
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How Grand Theft Auto stole our hearts

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most influencial games of all time. But how did this open-world crime sim manage to steal our hearts? We share the ways GTA gave gamers a freedom that they never experienced before, and showed developers just how expansive their worlds could be.
19 Feb 1 hr 24 min

Game of the Year '01: Max Potter and the Devil May Theft Auto

With the Sixth Generation of consoles now in full swing, sequels and franchises were becoming the order of the day. Games such as Silent Hill, GTA, and Metal Gear Solid got much antipicated sequels, but new challengers, such as Devil May Cry and Max Payne, also chipped their coins in…
2 Feb 52 min

Jackass My Nou

Jackass was a fundamental part of our youth. We all appreciated the dumb pranks from the safety of our home. But what about it made all of us fall in love with it, and what made it so special?
25 Jan 1 hr 05 min

Game of the Year 2000

We enter the new millenium and with that a new generation of gaming on the horizon. But, games such as The SiMS and Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 would go beyond video games, impacting our culture as a youth.
15 Jan 49 min

Game of the Year 99

1999 Proved to be one of the biggest years in Pop Culture. From The Matrix to Blair Witch, gaming wasn't exempt with some of the most iconic titles first launch on our screens.
15 Jan 52 min

Gamefluencial: Pokémon Pt2

It's part 2 of of our Pokémon deep dive as we look at Pokémon. This time we dive into the anime and card game and how these had culturally influenced and moulded our young minds, and shaped our tastes.
8 Jan 24 min

2023: The Best Year in Gaming?

2023 was a massive year for gaming, but how does it stack up against the rest. Will it go down as one of the most impactful years?
29 Dec 2023 1 hr 14 min

Gamefluencial: Pokémon Pt1

Pokémon is one of the biggest media franchise in the world, but how did we experience it as it was happening. We share our first experiences with this global giant and how it still creeps back into our lives today.
18 Dec 2023 46 min

Game of the Year 98

Today we take a trip down memory lane to the gaming year that marked the rise of the console wars – 1998. 98 would prove to be one of the most influential years in gaming, we share the titles that left impacted us.
6 Dec 2023 1 hr 02 min

Stunting with One Piece

We're joined by Shaun Verth, stuntman on the Netflix's wildly successful adaptation of One Piece. We dig into the passion that went into bringing this beloved series to life.
13 Nov 2023 1 hr 11 min

Game of the Year '97

Today we take a trip down memory lane to the gaming year that marked the rise of the console wars - 1997. In a year where the honourable mentions could easily take the honour of Game of the Year, we share titles that left a mark on our lives.
4 Nov 2023 55 min