A Different Way of Seeing

71 EPISODES | LOIS STRACHAN |  Podcast, ±38 min episode every 2 weeks, 5 days
Conversations on opportunities, challenges and lived experiences to foster understanding between disabled and non-disabled communities. Insights into the tools and techniques used by people with disabilities navigating the worlds of work, education, travel, sport, the arts and leisure.

Because while we may be disabled we will never be disempowered.


19 EPISODES | HOT 102.7FM |  Podcast, ±6 min episode every 14 hours
Christmas Wish is officially open on Mansfield in the Morning! It’s been a tough year, for some people more than others, and we all know someone who is going through an especially difficult time. This is the time to spread some love and kindness during the festive season.

CPLO Podcasts

7 EPISODES | CATHOLIC PARLIAMENTARY LIAISON OFFICE |  Podcast, ±43 min episode every 18 weeks, 3 days
Roundtable Discussions are organized for civil society focus groups and/or MPs who work together on the same pieces of legislation. Outside experts are invited to give input.

A documentary information service is provided, consisting of:

Newsletters: very brief synopses of items of interest and activities of the office
Responses: a short, quick reaction to important events or developments in the area of public policy and political affairs
Briefing Papers: short analyses of topical issues, be they legislative, policy or otherwise
Occasional Papers: more in-depth analyses, not restricted to topical issues
Research Papers: substantive documents aimed at informing the Church’s agenda on a particular topic
Digests: short summaries of new information and analysis on selected topics, compiled by our researchers in the course of their reading and networking


2 EPISODES | SOLID GOLD PODCASTS #BEHEARD |  Podcast, ±38 min episode every 1 week, 3 days
Corporate Social Responsibility News South Africa (CSRNEWSSA) is South Africa’s leading Corporate Social Responsibility news, media and publishing firm. We create content on social responsibility, helping government, corporates, consultants, NPOs and NGOs to reach their target markets through appropriate, targeted development news.

We recently developed an exciting, progressive working model to inform our ten-year focus. We use national and international development practitioners to work with us in breaking down barriers to reveal burning social issues or ‘industry pains’, challenging CSI practitioners, stimulating debate and constantly striving to improve the practice of corporate social investment in South Africa.

Centre Stage

5 EPISODES | CENTRE STAGE |  Series, ±20 min episode total time 1 hr 42 min
Centre Stage is a podcast that spotlights talented and diverse South African dancers, getting to know them both onstage and off.

This podcast is part of the broader Dance Donation initiative, a South African non-profit organisation that supports dancers in disadvantaged communities through the collection and distribution of previously-loved dance wear.

FoundNation Podcast

11 EPISODES | FOUNDNATION PODCAST |  Series, ±43 min episode total time 8 hr 02 min
The FoundNation podcast is dedicated to the incredible people and organisations who are working towards making a positive impact on the nation of South Africa. The goal is to tell real stories about real people who are making a difference in the country, one province at a time.
ENGLISH Read by Simoné Scott South Africa Documentary · Non-Profit

Just Us and the Climate - Climate Justice Coalition

15 EPISODES | SOLID GOLD PODCASTS #BEHEARD |  Podcast, ±44 min episode every 7 weeks, 1 day
Welcome to Just Us and the Climate – a podcast by South Africa’s Climate Justice Coalition.

Join us as we bring climate change back down to earth and show how it’s not only a crisis, but an opportunity to build a better, more just world.

Just for a change powered by the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

42 EPISODES | BERTHA CENTRE OF SOCIAL INNOVATION AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP |  Podcast, ±26 min episode every 2 weeks, 3 days
Featuring a variety of guests on each show, we highlight the work and thinking undertaken by the Bertha Centre and innovators researching, teaching and working in the field.

The podcast focuses on the broad topics of social innovation and social justice - making these topics digestible and thought provoking for a cross section of society. We aim to appeal to people who are curious about solving social issues in the world around them and especially those who believe we can make the world a better place. This is not merely a ‘feel good’ show but rather a podcast that showcases the work undertaken by the Bertha Centre and others in the field. We like to encourage discourse and critical thinking through all the content presented and at the same time educate and entertain listeners.

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