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2 EPISODES | THE CASTERY |  Series, ±12 min episode total time 24 min
Celebrity florist, motivational speaker and teacher, Jill Manson, currently captures an audience of over 1.7million viewers with her inspiring and creative floral design TV show, now in its 4th season, called Fresh Cut. Her stage presence is magnetic and she rivals a passion for the cut flower industry and her country like no other.
Her journey into flowers began whilst on a walk in the Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands where she was inspired through an engaging interlude with a little wildflower to create the unique flower communication and flower healing concept called FLOWERSCAPE
The Jill Manson Floral Design School is the leading school of floral design in SA and teaches all levels of floristry to enthusiasts and career driven entrepreneurs wishing to make a living from the trade.
Jill has created floral designs and floral décor for hundreds of prestigious weddings and events.
2019 saw the launch of the Johannesburg International Flower Show. The first of its kind on South African soil. Jill was the creative director of the Netflorist Grand Flower Pavilion which housed over 50 floral design exhibits by South Africa’s top floral designers and stylists.

Through all these portfolios she has become recognized as one of South Africa’s most renowned and well-loved floral stylists by her genuine “out-the-box’ thinking approach to creativity.
She is well known for her non-conformist approach to what is possible in the world of floral art and of course...for her absolute LOVE of flowers

Sought After Seeds

Imagine a world where there were only a few kinds vegetable seeds to grow to eat, with very limited choice.

That’s what the situation was in 2010 when Linda Galvad was looking for interesting vegetables to feed her growing interest in the effects of good food on the body and mind, and her culinary skills adventure.

Before she knew it, after exploring overseas offerings, she had been appointed the Franchi Sementi sub-Saharan Africa agent for these amazing vegetable seeds.

It was difficult to import these new varieties and finally permission was granted with each packet of every variety offered, there had to be a sticker, marked “experimental”, and every purchaser recorded.

After two years, Linda was given the all clear, and we celebrated the availability of all these wonderful, exciting and unusual vegetable seeds that are now permanently and prolifically on offer.

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Urban Farming in South Africa

7 EPISODES | ECHOCAST RADIO |  Podcast, ±35 min episode every 3 weeks, 1 day
Urban Farming is emerging as one of the most sustainable ways to combat the growing food shortage and rising food costs. No more so than in South Africa. Join host, Chris Luyt, and guests as they share tips and tricks on how to start your own Urban Farm... and to have a lekker time doing it!

You can also carry on the discussion on Urban Farming and all things Green on our Facebook Group on the following link: http://bit.ly/GreenFBGroup

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