Bridging the Unemployment Gap for South African women

Bridging the unemployment gap and teaching young South African women key fundamental entrepreneurship skills.
Mastercard has teamed up with Junior Achievement South Africa to help bridge the unemployment gap and teach young South African women key fundamental entrepreneurship skills to equip them in running, managing and maintaining successful businesses.

It is no secret that the South African labour force has been struggling and has experienced more woes due to the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. As it stands statistics show that the unemployment rate is currently 32,6% and 46,4% of the population referred to in this statistic are actually young people aged 15 –35. A serious cause for concern.

Brent Lindeque is joined today by Kamini Redhi, who is the Marketing and Communications Director at Mastercard Southern Africa alongside Nelly Mofokeng, Managing Director at JASA to discuss how the two organisations have teamed up to be a force for good, helping young women entrepreneurs open and grow their small businesses.