Caroline Moore & The Life Of A Stone Carver

Caroline Moore sits down with stone carver, artist, and owner of Little Mountain Stoneworks in Cookeville, Emma Levitz. They discuss where she's from, where her interest in the arts comes from, what her artistic process is like when approaching a new carving project, as well as where her studio is located, the types of commission work that she does, and where her work can be found for sale.
31 Jan 2022 7PM English United States Society & Culture

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Dwight Henry meets with Steve and Tina Qualls, Pastors of Christpoint Church in Sparta. They discuss their respective upbringings and the role that faith and church played in them, what brought them both to working in ministry, as well as what brought them to Christpoint Church, and how they became…
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Dwight Henry & Calvary Baptist Church Pastor

Dwight Henry talks with Delbert Oatsvall, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Cookeville. They discuss his story of how he came to the Lord at the young age of 10, how and when he felt the call to join the ministry, as well as his journey to becoming a pastor.
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Dwight Henry & Marsh Chapel Pastor

Dwight Henry sits down with Founder of the Cookeville Rescue Mission, and longtime Pastor of Marsh Chapel, Larry Self. They discuss Marsh Chapel's connection to the Cookeville Rescue Mission, the mission that the two share, and the services that they provide to those in need, the story behind Marsh Chapel,…
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Caroline Moore & The Lives Of Community Organizers

Caroline Moore sits down with local community organizers and siblings Heather Thomas and John Bell. They discuss their childhood and the values that their parents instilled in them, how the two often end up working together despite having different jobs, the various jobs that they have gotten to work together…
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Dwight Henry & Hope In Christ Fellowship Pastor

Dwight Henry meets with Steve Looper, Pastor of Hope In Christ Fellowship in Monterey. They discuss his early life growing up in a Christian home, how he came to start his own church in Monterey, as well as an overview of his chaplaincy work, how he got started, and what…
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