S01E01 - 'AMD: Ryzen from the dead - part 1'

Welcome to the first-ever episode of Everything PC, a new South African podcast aimed squarely at computer enthusiasts.
In this episode, the first of a two-parter, your hosts Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretorius unpack why Advanced Micro Devices - the US chip company better known as AMD - is worth watching.
In fact, AMD has a fascinating history, which we unpack in some detail in part 1 of this two-parter episode.
Having been founded within months of rival Intel, the companies have had a love-hate relationship for decades.
But AMD is on the rise, for various reasons, and is set to give Intel a proper run for its money in the next few years.
In this podcast, we unpack why: what is AMD doing right, why has its market capitalisation topped Intel's this year (albeit briefly), why is its "fabless" approach to chip making playing to its advantage, why is its alliance with Taiwan's TSMC so important, and what comes next?
We hope you enjoy Everything PC as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.
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