S01E06 - 'Apple Silicon'

In the final episode of season 1 of TechCentral’s Everything PC show, hosts Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretorius discuss Apple’s decision to design its own chips for Mac.
There’s no doubt that Apple’s decision to ditch Intel in favour of its own silicon designs – the chips are made by Taiwan’s TSMC – has had a significant impact, not only on the company, but on the broader computer industry.
Apple’s latest computers, based on the M1 chip (and more recently, the M2), are fast and energy efficient. They have also caught the attention of the Windows PC world.
But just how good is Apple Silicon, and what will it take for the PC industry to catch up – as it transpires, AMD is not far behind, but it’s a much more challenging picture for Intel.
But just how innovative is Apple being with its own silicon, and how heavily it leaning on innovation by its partner, TSMC?
Though Apple has made significant advances with its own silicon, there is a side to the story it’s less keen for its users to hear. We unpack what this is in the final episode of season 1.