Demystifying sustainable investing

What’s the difference between ESG, sustainable and impact investing? Experts unpack the buzzwords in this new podcast. Get insights from Investec, hydrogen-focused VC firm AP Ventures, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship and social enterprise Kusini Water.
22 Jun 2022 English South Africa Society & Culture · Investing

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Finding your personal impact

In this final episode, we hear from three individuals who have made sustainability their personal mission. Discover how you too can make a surprisingly big impact through small, personal changes.
17 Oct 2022 33 min

Export Finance: The sustainability maker

Is export finance Africa's solution for infrastructure build and socio-economic development? It's been around for over a century, and is suddenly garnering a lot of attention from investors concerned with sustainable impact.
29 Sep 2022 33 min

Facing up to SA’s human trafficking problem

Human trafficking in South Africa involves the exploitation of vulnerable children, women, and men for the purposes of sex and slave-like labour. Learn how victims fall, why they stay, and what banks and other organisations are doing to combat the scourge.
15 Sep 2022 27 min

Net zero: Renewables can't go it alone

The transition from fossil fuels to renewables is well underway. But solar and wind technologies aren’t ready for baseload responsibility. Coal, natural gas and nuclear will remain key in the energy mix in South Africa.
1 Sep 2022 31 min

Reimagining education

For decades, rural children in South Africa have suffered a debilitating condition: an estrangement from learning that causes a lifetime of struggle. An NPO in Mpumalanga, Good Work Foundation, is providing an antidote. Listen to find out how they’ve achieved an average pass rate of 23% to 96% in just…
18 Aug 2022 31 min