Banking on dividends

We’re at the halfway mark of the year if you can believe it and that means banking results are around the corner.
Locally and globally rate continue to rise and inflation remains sticky.
Stage 6 loadshedding and record high fuel prices have done nothing to help brighten the mood after a surprisingly good first quarter GDP print.
Globally the stress levels in the Chinese banking sector have me extremely concerned.
Chinese authorities on Sunday violently dispersed a peaceful protest by hundreds of depositors, who sought in vain to demand their life savings back from banks that have run into a deepening cash crisis.
Since April, four rural banks in China's central Henan province have frozen millions of dollars’ worth of deposits, threatening the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of customers in an economy already battered by draconian Covid lockdowns. China’s banking sector in terms of bank assets to GDP is the biggest in the world and has for years been a concern for analysts due to its shadowy nature.

To talk about this Michael Avery is joined by Nolwandle Mthombeni, Senior Banks Analyst: Intellidex and David Buckham, MD: Monocle Solutions