'Biggest event ever in crypto': Revix CEO on the 'Merge'

In the inaugural episode of TechCentral’s new technology show, TC|Daily, Sean Sanders, CEO of Cape Town-based cryptocurrency platform Revix, chats to host Duncan McLeod about the imminent “Merge” affecting the ethereum blockchain and what it means.
Sanders explains what the Merge is, how it will impact the blockchain and what it might mean for investors in the ether token. Could it even lead to the so-called “Flippening”, where ether overtakes bitcoin to become the most valuable crypto token by market cap?
The wide-ranging conversation with Sanders also touches on the recent (current?) crypto winter and the impact this has had on South African investors in crypto (and on Revix specifically). Other topics discussed include:
• Consumer vs institutional investment in crypto in South Africa;
• Crypto’s correlation with US technology stocks – will it last?;
• Could crypto still become a hedge against inflation?;
• The Prudential Authority's recent “practice note” to South African banks regarding cryptocurrency exchanges – how significant is it?;
• What’s happening when it comes to crypto regulation in South Africa?; and
• Taxing crypto investments in South Africa – the current state of play with the South African Revenue Service.