TV white spaces - the current state of play, with Keith Pitout

Television white-spaces (TVWS) spectrum – the gaps in the frequencies used by terrestrial TV broadcasters – has long been seen as a way of bringing affordable Internet to even remote areas.
But what’s happened with the various TVWS initiatives in South Africa?
Keith Pitout, a leading local expert on the subject and chief technology officer of Indigo Broadband, joins TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod in the TC|Daily studio to unpack the latest developments – and to explain why he believes TVWS has a bright future ahead of it, despite some early hiccups.
In this episode of TC|Daily, Pitout covers:
• What TVWS is and how it works;
• Why it’s so affordable to deploy and who will benefit from its roll-out in South Africa;
• The trial TVWS projects that took place in South Africa;
• The CSIR’s involvement, and why it’s been key;
• The regulations developed by communications regulator Icasa;
• The commercial TVWS projects now being rolled out in South Africa; and
• What comes next for TVWS, both from a business and technology perspective.
Don’t miss a great discussion about an important technology for bridging the digital divide in South Africa.