BREAKING: Major FTX Update RELEASED! | Inflation Data Surprise!!!

While the crypto market weathers the worst storm in crypto history, the new CPI inflation data is sending Bitcoin and altcoin prices back up QUICKLY. What is the major FTX update and is the worst over for crypto? Join Cryptoman Ran in this special episode of Crypto Banter and stay up to date on the latest Crypto market news!

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00:00 CPI Inflation Numbers & Intro
03:20 Inflation Data & Crypto Market
07:35 FED Interest Rate Hikes Slowing Down
09:00 Sam Bankman-Fried's Apology
14:40 3 Effected Parties of the FTX Crash
16:30 Why Binance Walked Away from FTX
24:45 Tokens Held by FTX & Bailout Deals
27:50 The Future of Solana - News Update
32:00 Who Can Withdraw from FTX
33:55 Justin Sun Related Tokens on FTX
36:00 Attack on USDT - USDT Frozen on FTX
41:45 FTX News Update & Crypto Industry Takes
10 Nov 2022 6PM English Explicit South Africa Business · Investing

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