Will Solana Survive After FTX Collapse? | MASSIVE SOL UPDATE!

FTX and Alameda Research were the largest capital contributors to the Solana ecosystem. What is the future of Solana, and the thousands of developers, after the FTX collapse and their biggest funding components disappearing? Watch Crypto Banter now to stay up-to-date with the latest development on the FTX drama! Don't miss this show!

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00:00 Solana Ecosystem After FTX Fall-Out
00:58 Sam Bankman-Fried's FTX Scam
02:00 The Future of Solana - Solana Breakpoint 2022
05:30 Solana NFTs, Solana Gaming & Render
10:07 Euro Coin on Solana - Solana Pay
10:50 T-Mobile & Helium Mobile & Hivemapper
14:20 Austin Federa -Solana Foundation
16:00 Vibhu Norby - Solana Spaces
17:25 Joe Pace - Director of Web3 & Digital Goods
19:50 Steven Laver - Solana Saga Mobile Phone
22:45 TY Swarts Product Manager META
24:05 Johnny B. Lee - Solana Gaming - Web3 Games
28:41 Raj Gokal Co-Founder Solana Foundation
33:49 Aurimas Klimavicius - NordVPN
37:20 Zhuoxun Yin C-Founder Magic Eden
40:15 Oren Langberg - Monkey League
43:00 Varun Sudhakar - BETDEX Sport Betting
44:50 Cindy Leow - Co-Founder Drift
14 Nov 2022 1PM English Explicit South Africa Business · Investing

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