BREAKING: Kevin Oโ€™Leary Would Invest In SBF (FTX) AGAIN!!

Shark Tank and world-renowned investor Kevin Oโ€™Leary and his VC firm were investors in FTX. Today, he reveals the full story and the regulatory implications of the FTX collapse for retail investors and institutions, and what happens next to SBF live on Crypto Banter!

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00:00 Show Summary & Intro
01:10 Sam Bankman-Fried - FTX Scam
03:30 Bitcoin Price & Market Update
05:32 Sam Bankman-Fried - FTX News Update
15:02 Kevin O'Leary Joins the Banter
16:40 FTX Scam Fall-Out & Crypto Regulations
20:30 Crypto Cold Storage Pro & Cons
21:34 Kevin O'Leary on Leverage & Regulations
26:45 SEC - FTX & Gary Gensler
28:25 Who is Sam Bankman-Fried?
31:40 Where to Store Assets Now?
32:50 FTX Scam Explained - SEC to Blame?
41:00 Is the Bottom in? What's Next for Crypto?
47:04 PPI Numbers & Crypto Market News Today
15 Nov 2022 5PM English Explicit South Africa Business · Investing

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