WATCHPARTY: Dead to me I Tali's Joburg diary

It’s been two-and-a-half years since the second season of “Dead to Me” dropped on Netflix, and since it was in the middle of 2020, it seems like even longer. At long last - season 3 is here!

Judy and Jen have been partners in crime, quite literally, for some time now. The duo first met in a grief support group after the death of Jen’s husband, Ted. Judy begins helping her take care of her sons and becomes part of her family. Eventually, Jen finds out that Judy and her estranged husband, were the ones responsible for Ted’s death.

Having shared her wedding in Tali’s Wedding Diary and then her pregnancy in Tali’s Baby Diary, Tali is moving back to Joburg in Season 3, determined to get Jayden into the premium preschool, Little Angels Hyde Park, and reclaim her crown, or at the very least the title of Class Mom.