Episode 101 A Pyramid of Death

When four gun shots rang out in an office block in Cape Town CBD on the 26th of July 2012, they heralded the end of two lives and the beginning of a world of pain for thousands of people who'd been fleeced into joining one of South Africa's largest Ponzi schemes. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/truecrimesa) (Support the show on PayPal https://www.paypal.me/truecrimesa)
7 Jan English Explicit South Africa True Crime · News

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Episode 109 The Murder of Myrna Joy Aken

67 years ago an 18 year old girl lost her life to a calculated predator and although her memory should have long faded from the minds of those who knew her, for some, Myrna Joy Aken remains very much alive in their memories. (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the show…
13 Mar 1 hr 02 min

Episode 108 The Murder of Baby Daniel

When paramedics arrived at a home in Johannesburg in June 2016, they found the lifeless body of a 3-year-old boy. His caregivers claimed he had died after an accidental fall into a bath of water, but the autopsy would tell a very different story (24-hr trauma helpline 082-821-3447) (Support the…
5 Mar 54 min

Episode 107 The Elephant in the Room

In 2012, Hawks and officials from Cape Nature uncovered the largest single haul of illegal ivory in the country to that point. The discovery would herald changes in the way South Africa prosecuted wildlife crimes but the true horror of these crimes lies in their connections to a range of…
28 Feb 38 min

Podcast: Episode 2 – The Disappearance of Marie Ostbo

Marie Ostbo, a Norwegian student, was 21 years old when she disappeared while on holiday in South Africa. Marie has now been missing for more than a year and the circumstances surrounding her disappearance seem to get murkier every day. This is Marie’s story. Instagram · Pinterest · Facebook ·…
22 Jun 2019 33 min

Podcast: Episode 3 – The Station Strangler

South Africa has been haunted by the Station Strangler serial killer case since his first murder in 1986. A suspect was caught and jailed for one of the crimes but is he the true perpetrator or does he still move among us to this day? Instagram · Pinterest · Facebook…
22 Jun 2019 51 min